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1999 Indianapolis 500 Carset for Indycar Racing Mod
jc23b - 4/15/2018 - 0.3 kb - 931 User Downloads  
Posted By: jc23b  
The 1999 Indianapolis 500 Carset for Indycar Racing mod, with 40 cars with superspeedway configuration only. All the cars comes with pitcrews & ratings (some drivers who just attemp to race in Indy but failed to qualify didnīt have ratings) CREDITS MOD: Indycar Racing by Smiffsden TEMPLATES: Smiffsden NUMBERS: Me LOGOS; Google, Racin Grafix, Wayback Machine and Me HELMETS: Me PITCREWS: Me
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Posted By: racingformusic  
Set is AWESOME!!!! Thanks a bunch :D
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
Pretty amazing!!!
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