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1998 mod Ed Berrier 77 Lear Ford BGN 98
Robo - 2/3/2018 - 1,477.0 kb - 3037 User Downloads  
Posted By: Robo  
Next up is Ed Berrier. I forgot to put his name on the car in the render, but it is there in game. Base by me, logos from google. Number by me. Contingencies from Splash n Go template and google, Render scene and template from Splash n Go also. Crew included.
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User Comments:
Posted By: divxx  
Great job as usual. Looking forward to re-creating his surprise win.
Posted By: Robo  
Thanks guys! I am going to go back and get the 78 ad probably another 15-20 cars. Thanks for those, I've never seen them. I found a 43 Curb Records car from Rockingham that is a Red Ford. Can't make the hood out though. I have 7 more that are "fulltime" and Nemecheck's car.
Posted By: ongias25  
These look amazing! Thank You Robby.
Posted By: tenderman65  
Great work! Found a couple of images of the 78 car owned by Dan Browder driven by a few different drivers: https://imgur.com/a/XRPjp
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