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NASCAR Racing By Papyrus
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What's New at Alex's NASCAR Pit Shop

Updated January 5, 1997

Added #42 1996 Coors Light Kyle Petty Pontiac.

Updated January 4, 1997

Added #3 1995 Winston Select Silver Anniverasry Goodwrench Chevrolet.
fixed 1997 #29 Robert Pressley Scooby Doo Cartoon Network car. This car is the new 1997 car and not Special edition.

Updated December 31, 1996

Added #3 Winston Select Olympic Goodwrench Chevrolet.
Added #8 Red Dog 1996 Kenny Wallace BGN car.

Updated December 26, 1996

Added Several new NASCAR 2 cars.
Added NASCAR 2 Paintkit Palette fix.

Updated December 10, 1996

Added Steve Grissom's 1997 Kodiak car for NASCAR 2.
Added Ken Schrader's 1997 Skoal car for NASCAR 2.
Added Ken Schrader's 1996 Bud USA Special edition car for NASCAR 2.

Updated December 10, 1996

Added Mike Skinner Lowe's car for NASCAR 2.

Updated December 9, 1996

Added Rusty Wallace Miller car for NASCAR 2.
Added Rick Mast's Remington car for NASCAR 2.

Updated December 8, 1996

NASCAR 2 is out and I have already started to paint new cars for all of you NASCAR junkies. The First one is now posted, Dale Earnhardt's Japan car.

Updated November 7, 1996

I have done some work with adding frames and sound. Thanks to The Racer's Edge. I learned frames from looking at his page.

Updated November 1, 1996

NASCAR 2 Demo editor from The Pits
Papyrus contacted me about the distribution of tracks and I had to remove them, the problem has been fixed, and now the can be made through utilities.

Updated October 6, 1996

I had a serious partition table problem and could not use my computer for the last week. I apologize for any inconviences that this caused.
The Nascar 2 demo has been released and is now posted, go get it, it is well worth the download.
I have posted a few utilities that I created for use with the NASCAR 2 demo.

Updated September 20, 1996

I have Netscape enhanced my page.

Updated September 10, 1996

Special edition car set for NASCAR.
NASCAR II demo should be available around September 15.
I have begun work on Texas Motor Speedway for NASCAR.
I have begun work on California Speedway.

Updated August 23, 1996

I am now attending Miami University and will not have much time to do tracks, I will do as much as I can for the site. But I regret to say that updates may be few and far between. But I will put as much time into it as I can.

Updated August 18, 1996

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