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This page contians new tracks for NASCAR Racing by Papyrus. These tracks are in no way supported by or affiliated with Papyrus, Sierra, or NASCAR Racing. Any likeness to existing tracks are not intentional and purely coincidence. All product names, trademarks, logos, ect are the property of their respective company. In order to run these tracks you must have the a purchased copy of the original NASCAR Raing by Papyrus game, and the Track Pack. I do not condone piracy of software. If you have any problem with the tracks contact me, DO NOT contact Papyrus or Sierra, they cannot help you. By downloading anything from this page you CERTIFY that you own the ORIGINAL NASCAR Racing by Papyrus, and Track Pack Software! Thank you for your support and understanding!
A great deal of time has gone into the production of the tracks. PLEASE do not post them on your pages or anywhere else. Instead PLEASE add a link to my page with a description.

Click here if you have read and understand the preceding, and wish to download the tracks