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NASCAR Heat Preview - Part 1
Alex Santantonio - 7/7/2000  

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A few weeks ago nascarnet.com received a press release demo of the upcoming simulation NASCAR Heat by Hasbro, and on July 3, we received the 2nd press release copy with a bunch of added goodies. Hasbro realizes that there is a vast and vital internet community that follows the simulation auto racing game genera, and especially the NASCAR simulation releases. Since they are creating what will attempt to be a true simulation and not just another arcade seller, they would like to show that they care about their biggest supporters (as well as critics). As a member of the sim community I feel that the best thing a game can receive is criticism, and anything short of the real thing will receive this. Hasbro also realizes this as a game developer, especially as a simulation developer. While releasing a pre-alpha preview to a game site to post a review insures a large audience, it somewhat alienates those of us that are the true supporters of a game of this nature. Take for example the article that states "they put realistic simulation in there for the two guys in Durham that want it, but for the rest of us…" An article from this point of view obviously nocks us out of the running as far as importance to our interests, and is more or less marketed to the people who drive a few laps and then turn around and cause accidents, okay okay, I do this every once in a while, but mostly it is racing for me. So Hasbro has selected nascarnet.com to preview and review the Heat release for the select sim audience that so many large gaming sites and companies simply overlook. I will do my best but know that I will not answer nearly any of the questions you all may have. I will be sure to post lots of screen shots, but if your question is not answered here, please post on the message board and I will try my best to respond. NASCAR Heat has many features to be included that are not yet implemented, and many features that are not very refined, however NASCAR Heat by Hasbro has all of the makings of a game we have been screaming for over the last four years. The game begins with a typical menu screen not much unlike those presented by Papyrus. From this point you may choose any one of the included scenarios. Critiques of the various options will be included in later articles, but for this we will look only at a typical race. Once you select the Single Race option you proceed to a screen where you may select your driver from 29 of the real NASCAR drivers. Lets choose Dale he is after all my favorite. At this point you then select which track you will visit, here is where the fun starts. Notice the list of tracks, yep, that’s Daytona!!!!!!!!! Hmmm, which track to pick, well I think I know. NASCAR Heat is said to have all tracks included in the final release. This keeps hope also for a full track editor. There is no official word on this item, however I think it would be an excellent addition, even if very difficult to use. From this point we are given another typical option screen. Before we go race lets check out the garage interface. I really like this, it give you some good control, you can see this from the screen shot. Now lets get into the race. The majority of the screen shots are located below from this race. As we said before I am Dale and running in the middle of the pack. The only problem with this is that the computer I am running this on is a bit slow. There are no game play problems, but as usual taking screen shots during the play slows the game to a halt. This caused a bit of a problem, I took a shot, ended up crashing the car, and I was taken out quite early. That is it for todays look at the game, I will keep posting new screen shots and parts of the game each day, and over the next week will end up with a pretty sound review. As the days move along I will get a little bit more in depth with the reviews. Over t
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