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2017 Gray Gaulding #15 CHI - 15_gaulding.cts.car 64 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 9/17/2017 - 3 User Comments - 554.1 kb  
Gray Gaulding's #15 Chevy from Chicagoland. CREDITS: Template (Omega) Base (Me) Number (BER) Signature (SDG) Logos (Google) Render (TMS) Enjoy!
Boris Said #36 Fictional - 36_nofear.cup.car 64 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/18/2017 - 0 User Comments - 322.8 kb  
This is the 2nd 2006 car for my Alternate Universe project. CREDITS: Template (Zone15) Number (BER, edited by me) Logos (Google) Base (me) Contigs (bman1699) Render (The Mod Squad) Enjoy!
Ken Schrader #4 fictional - 4_Federated.cup.car 38 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/17/2017 - 0 User Comments - 326.5 kb  
This car is part of my Alternate Universe project (check out the SRD thread here: http://www.simracingdesign.com/threads/junebugs-minor- modifications-to-history.64763/). CREDITS: Template (Zone15) Base (me) Number (BER) Logos (Google) Contigs (bman1699) Render (The Mod Squad) Enjoy!
Blake Koch #2 Fictional - 2_leaffilter.cup.car 92 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/9/2017 - 2 User Comments - 790.6 kb  
I wanted to see what Blake Koch's scheme would look like on a Gen6. I chose RCR numbers because Kaulig Racing is an RCR affiliate in the Xfinity Series. CREDITS: Template (Jerry Lepage) Number (BER) Base (me) Logos (Google / me) Signature (Blake Koch's website) Render (The Mod Squad's auto-render system) Enjoy!
2018 Austin Theriault #2 Fictional - 2_penske.cts.car 127 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/4/2017 - 3 User Comments - 641.6 kb  
A fictional #2 Ford if Austin Theriault returns to Brad Keselowski Racing for 2018. This truck is also a throwback to Kurt Busch's 2006 Busch Series car. CREDITS: Template (Omega) Number (BER) Base (me) Logos (Google) Render (Andy1) Enjoy!
Chris Buescher #37 Your Logo Here - 37_yourlogohere.cup.car 81 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 7/27/2017 - 6 User Comments - 652.1 kb  
@starscream24 over at Sim Racing Design commented on a Chris Buescher post, "This scheme better show up on nnracing or I'm going to be vastly disappointed." So, I went ahead and made this mockup design. Credits: Template (Jerry Lepage) Number (BER) Logos (Me,Google) Base (Me)
2018 Harrison Burton #24 fictional - 24_dex2.cts.car 85 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 7/16/2017 - 0 User Comments - 614.1 kb  
A fictional #24 truck if Harrison Burton went to GMS Racing. I wanted to do more with this scheme, but figured that GMS would end up continuing their retro frenzy. Template (Omega) Base (me) Number (BER) Logos (Google) Render (Andy1) Enjoy! Note: I added a GMS Racing logo on the front post-render.
2018 Travis Kvapil #1 fictional - 1_gasbuddy.cts.car 108 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 7/13/2017 - 2 User Comments - 744.8 kb  
This scheme is if Travis Kvapil and sponsor GasBuddy went to TJL Motorsports for 2018. CREDITS: Template (Omega), Number (BER), Base (me), Logos (Google), Render (Andy1) Enjoy!
2018 Kyle Benjamin #4 fictional - 4_sportclips.cts.car 102 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 7/12/2017 - 6 User Comments - 645.5 kb  
This is a fictional #4 SportClips Toyota iF Kyle Benjamin ends up in the 4 truck next season. CREDITS: Base (me), Number (BER), Logos (Google), Render (Andy1), Template(Omega) Enjoy!
Memorial Day Winner's Car - memorialdaycar.cup.car 103 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 5/29/2017 - 4 User Comments - 879.6 kb  
A little something I threw together to commemorate the Memorial Day weekend trifecta of races. The left side of the car is Takuma Sato's Indy 500 car, the middle / top is Austin Dillon's Coke 600 car, and the right is Sebastian Vettel's Monaco GP car. Enjoy! CREDITS: Template:Jerry Lepage Numbers: 3, 26 (BER) 5 (Google) Logos: Google Patriotic banner: blumust10ac Render: Andy1
#36 Lego Education Fictional Chevy - 36_legoeducation.tga 186 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 2/7/2017 - 2 User Comments - 6,348.1 kb  
This is just a fictional I whipped up for my mother, who works at Lego Education. I figured I would share it with the sim community if anyone wanted to have it. Credits: BER: Number, Template; Google: Bricks, Logos. This is a .tga file.
Reed Sorenson #55 Fictional - 55_championfict.tga 267 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 10/24/2016 - 0 User Comments - 754.1 kb  
I've noticed that every time the #55 car runs, a company called championmachinery.com is on the pillars of the car. I decided to give Reed Sorenson a paint scheme if championmachinery was the primary sponsor on the car. Creds: Logos (Google), Number (me)
Trevor Bayne #6 Charlotte - 6_advocare_clt.tga 287 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 10/19/2016 - 5 User Comments - 815.8 kb  
Don't even give me an ounce of credit for this. All I did was take his regular scheme and made the numbers pink. All credits to the person that made the original scheme (I forget honestly)
Todd Peck #99 Atlanta - 99_batteries_atl.tga 231 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 10/17/2016 - 0 User Comments - 770.3 kb  
Todd Peck's 99 car from the Atlanta race. This is for the NXS15 mod. Number from BER, template from NXS15.com, logos from Google.
#66 Timothy Viens Las Vegas truck - 66_viens_LV.tga 281 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 10/1/2016 - 2 User Comments - 588.4 kb  
This is the truck that Timothy Viens drove at Las Vegas. This is a .tga file. Number made by bigevilracing & edited by me, truck temp to Games123 (I made this based on a scheme that he made).
Chase Elliott #88 Napa Fictional - 88_napa2.tga 365 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/7/2016 - 2 User Comments - 1,451.8 kb  
This goes along with my previous post. Obviously, if Jeff Gordon had driven the 24, then Chase Elliott would be out. However, the 88 car was up for the grabbing, and this is the car he could have driven. Car creds to BER, number was made by me. This is a .tga file.
Jeff Gordon #24 Axalta Fictional - 24_axalta_indy3.tga 326 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/7/2016 - 1 User Comments - 6,471.4 kb  
When I heard that Jeff Gordon was coming out of retirement to sub for Jr, I wondered what his car would look like if he drove the 24. Car creds to BER, number was made by me.
Erik Jones #77 fictional 2017 Toyota - 77_5hour.tga 361 downloads
junebugrocks88 - 8/5/2016 - 4 User Comments - 924.7 kb  
With the news coming out that Erik Jones is driving the #77 5 Hr Energy Toyota next year, I decided to make a version of what his scheme could look something like. I took Clint Bowyer's 2013 scheme and made it into this product. Also, this is my first car, and if there is anything I did not do well on please let me know.
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