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Blake Koch #2 Fictional
junebugrocks88 - 8/9/2017 - 790.6 kb - 48 User Downloads  
Posted By: junebugrocks88  
I wanted to see what Blake Koch's scheme would look like on a Gen6. I chose RCR numbers because Kaulig Racing is an RCR affiliate in the Xfinity Series. CREDITS: Template (Jerry Lepage) Number (BER) Base (me) Logos (Google / me) Signature (Blake Koch's website) Render (The Mod Squad's auto-render system) Enjoy!
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Posted By: junebugrocks88  
Agreed, I just really like the way the RCR 2 looked on it lol.. glad you like it nonetheless!
Posted By: ElectricWolf71  
But Penske and Kes are still around, so 29 would be a safer bet lol, nice work though!
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