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Ernie Irvan 1999 #36 Pedigree Pinty's Chevy - 36EIPedigree.gns.car 376 downloads
LevyNeptune - 1/8/2020 - 2 User Comments - 1,099.1 kb  
Ernie Irvan's #36 Pedigree scheme he drove in 1999 on a Pinty's Chevy, the 11th car of my Pinty's set, more of a mix of references/resources than the rest of the set so far. Credits: Template & Contigs: SnG with some edits by me, Logos: Google, me, Signature: Google, Number: Me, I'm PRETTY SURE I got the dog picture from John Gamboa's decal sheet archive, cats taken from a Whiskas commercial on Youtube, Render: crazyboy335
#25 Barky Marky/#26 Barnyard Dawg cars - LooneyTunes25&26.zip 298 downloads
pokebladerz - 1/6/2020 - 1 User Comments - 1,807.5 kb  
If anyone remembers my old Looney Tunes set, here's the latter two of the five cars that I made but were never released, unfortunately, the other three may be totally lost to a dead laptop. These are for the BR13/15 mods. Credits: Logos, characters: Google, Template: Bullring, Numbers and Signatures: Me, Renders: TMS
Boris Said 2009 #08 U.S. Chrome Pinty's Ford - 08BSUSChrome.gns.car 594 downloads
LevyNeptune - 5/4/2019 - 0 User Comments - 965.3 kb  
Boris Said's car that he drove for E&M Motorsports for a few races in 2009 on a Pinty's Fusion. Credits: Temp and Contigs: SnG, both with tweaks by me, Numbers and Signatures: Me, Logos: Me, Google, Render: Carbine
Robby Gordon 2008 #7 Camping World Pinty's Dodge - 7RGCampingWorld.gns.car 599 downloads
LevyNeptune - 4/18/2019 - 1 User Comments - 885.9 kb  
Robby Gordon's #7 Camping World Dodge that he drove in a few races in 2008 on a Pinty's Challenger Credits: Temp and contigs: SnG, Base: Me, Logos: Me, Google, Number: BER, Signature: Google, Render: Garrett1127
Dave Blaney 2004 #23 Whelen Pinty's Dodge - 23DBWhelen.gns.car 612 downloads
pokebladerz - 4/17/2019 - 1 User Comments - 912.8 kb  
Dave Blaney's #23 Whelen Dodge that he drove in the 2004 Daytona 500 on a Pinty's Chalenger. If you like this make sure to check out my profile, I've been doing a lot of Cup schemes on Pinty's bodies the past few months and am making a full set out of them! Credits: Temp and contigs: SnG, Base: Me, Logos: Me, Google, Wikipedia, SRD, Number: BER, Signature: me, Render: Garrett1127
Matt Kenseth 2012 #17 Ford EcoBoost BCA Pinty's Ford - 17MKEcoboostBCA.gns.car 633 downloads
LevyNeptune - 4/11/2019 - 4 User Comments - 935.0 kb  
Matt Kenseth's pink Ford EcoBoost Ford that he won in at Talladega II in 2012 on a Pinty's Ford. Credits: Base: me, Logos: me, google, Number: BER. Temp and contigs: SnG, Signature: John Gamboa (Lifted from a hero card in his archives) Render: Garrett1127
Ricky Rudd 2004 #21 Rent-A-Center Pinty's Ford - 21RRRent-A-Cent.gns.car 719 downloads
LevyNeptune - 4/2/2019 - 0 User Comments - 996.7 kb  
Ricky Rudd's 2004 Rent-A-Center scheme on a Pinty's Ford Credits: Base: me, Temp and contigs: SDG, Pinty's contig from google, Logos: google, Number: BER, signature Google. Render: Garrett1127
Michael Waltrip 2005 #15 NAPA Pinty's Chevy - 15MWNAPA.gns.car 677 downloads
LevyNeptune - 3/23/2019 - 1 User Comments - 949.9 kb  
Michael Waltrip's #15 NAPA scheme he drove in 2005 on a Pinty's Chevy. Credits: Logos: Google, BER, Numbers: BER, DEI Stripes: Brandon Miller, Temp and Contigs: SnG, Render: Garrett1127
#38 Elton Sawyer Barbasol NXS17 *Updated Template* - 38ESBarbasol.gns.car 652 downloads
pokebladerz - 1/7/2019 - 1 User Comments - 1,331.6 kb  
Elton Sawyer's Barbasol car from 1997 on the NSX17 mod. Credits: Temp: SDG, Contingencies: SRD, Logos: Google, Xfinity Banner: SDG, Number, base, and Signatures: Me. Comes with diver suit and ratings from his five best full seasons. *This is a version with an updated template because I noticed that it didn't look the same as the rest of my 2018 cars*
#38 Elton Sawyer Barbasol NXS17 - 38ESBarbasol.gns.car 613 downloads
LevyNeptune - 1/7/2019 - 0 User Comments - 1,005.4 kb  
Elton Sawyer's Barbasol car from 1997 on the NSX17 mod. Credits: Temp: SRD, Logos: Google, Xfinity Banner: SDG, Number, base, and Signatures: Me. Comes with diver suit and ratings from his five best full seasons
#8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.'04-'07 Bud (Pinty's mod) - 8DEJBud04.gns.car 781 downloads
pokebladerz - 7/24/2018 - 2 User Comments - 973.2 kb  
A classic scheme that Junior raced from 2004-2007 ('03s was similar but had a roof stripe) Credits: Temp/contigs: SnG, Base: Me, Numbers: BER, Logos: Google, TeamSBR, Alan, various vector sites, Sig: Google, Render: Garrett. I've been doing A LOT of these schemes lately so click on my name to see the others I've done!
#42 Jamie McMurray 2004/2005 Texaco/Havoline (Pinty's mod) - 42JMacTexaco.zip 853 downloads
pokebladerz - 7/21/2018 - 0 User Comments - 1,417.8 kb  
Jamie's Texaco/Havoline car he ran in '04/'05, includes the version with black and white number outlines he ran at Bristol in '03 Credits: Temp: SnG with some edits, Contingencies: SnG, edited by me, New Pinty's series logo from Google, Logos: Google, Stunod, Signature: Me, Texaco-Ganassi logo: BurtonBraves, Render: Garrett1127
#9 Kasey Kahne 2008 Bud/Lifelock (Pinty's mod) - 9KahneLLBud.gns.car 830 downloads
pokebladerz - 7/9/2018 - 1 User Comments - 855.6 kb  
Kahne's 2008 Bud/Lifelock Dodge for the new Pinty's mod Credits: Temp: SnG with some edits, Contingencies: SnG, edited by me, New Pinty's series logo from Google, Logos: Google, some with rather heavy editing by me, Number: BER, "Base": Me, Signature: Google, Render: Carbine
#10 Aric Almirola Mobil 1 (Pinty's mod) - 10AAMobile1.gns.car 842 downloads
Pokebladerz - 6/29/2018 - 4 User Comments - 971.5 kb  
Temp: SnG, Contingencies: SnG, edited by me, New Pinty's series logo from Google, C-Pillar logos: Fosterick, Logos: Google, Number: BER, Base: Me, Signature: John Gamboa, Render: Carbine. I plan on doing more cars like this so stay tuned!
#42 Kyle Larson Casey Mears Throwback Fic. - 42_Larson_Mears.cup.car 1264 downloads
pokebladerz - 9/6/2016 - 1 User Comments - 2,680.7 kb  
I made this because I was a little disappointed with the #42 throwback this year. Logos - Google, temp and number - BER, Contingencies - SRD, and Base - Me, It's my first complicated base, Render - Iceman
#92 King Autosport BR15 - 92DexterBean.cup.car 1315 downloads
pokebladerz - 7/24/2015 - 1 User Comments - 998.7 kb  
Just an idea I had with the possibility of King Autosport moved into the Sprint Cup Series with Dexter Bean Credits: Temp/number: BER, Signature: Me, Pit Crew: Games123, Render: Andy1, comes with ratings
Hillside mip and 3do updates - Hillside.zip 1450 downloads
pokebladerz - 5/13/2015 - 8 User Comments - 445.2 kb  
alternate wall mips, billboard mips and 3dos, and the sinoco sign. Credits: Me, google, the original nr2003 files, and whatever track I got the sunoco sign from
Xfinity Grass Logo - logo_nationwide.mip 1293 downloads
pokebladerz - 4/13/2015 - 4 User Comments - 42.4 kb  
Intended for both texas FSE Tracks but can be used on any othe track with a logo_nationwide.mip file. thanks to google for the xfinity logo
#6 Norm Benning CWS14 - 6Benning.cts.car 1384 downloads
pokebladerz - 10/8/2014 - 0 User Comments - 487.2 kb  
Norm Benning's red #6 Truck. temp-Om3ga, sig-me, number-BER
#22 Pepe Le Pew Chevy - 22PLPWB.cup.car 1358 downloads
pokebladerz - 5/7/2014 - 4 User Comments - 748.7 kb  
It's back! Part 22 of my Looney Tunes Carset. credits are on the bugs bunny car. render by iceman
7 Jimmy John's Gen6 - 7asJimmyJohns.cup.car 1295 downloads
pokebladerz - 5/6/2014 - 1 User Comments - 768.2 kb  
my personal Jimmy john's car. temp-Italo, base-NDG, Logos-Wikipedia, Racingrafix, BER, SRD, #-SRD, rendeer by rogue. Expect a frecnh skunk in a familier carset soon
7 Bass Pro Gen6 - 7asBassProV3.cup.car 1252 downloads
pokebladerz - 2/10/2014 - 1 User Comments - 1,055.0 kb  
One of my personal cars. Credits: Italo temp, srd #, ndg base, BER and Rogue for logos, Render by . Also I've been in a major Kingdom Hearts kick, so expect something from that.
#21 Babs Bunny SS - 21bbLooneyWB.cup.car 1325 downloads
pokebladerz - 4/29/2013 - 0 User Comments - 936.5 kb  
I'm back! After quite awhile, I'm back to painting. This is part 21 of my Looney Tunes Carset. Next Up: Pepe Le Pew
#20 Foghorn Leghorn SS - 20flLooneyWB.cup.car 1329 downloads
pokebladerz - 4/16/2013 - 3 User Comments - 912.6 kb  
Part 20 of my Looney Tunes Carset. Next Up: Babs Bunny
#19 Dizzy Devil SS - 19ddLooneyWB.cup.car 1302 downloads
pokebladerz - 4/15/2013 - 1 User Comments - 941.1 kb  
Part 19 of my Looney Tunes Carset. Next Up: Foghorn Leghorn
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