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Ernie Irvan 1999 #36 Pedigree Pinty's Chevy
LevyNeptune - 1/8/2020 - 1,099.1 kb - 125 User Downloads  
Posted By: pokebladerz  
Ernie Irvan's #36 Pedigree scheme he drove in 1999 on a Pinty's Chevy, the 11th car of my Pinty's set, more of a mix of references/resources than the rest of the set so far. Credits: Template & Contigs: SnG with some edits by me, Logos: Google, me, Signature: Google, Number: Me, I'm PRETTY SURE I got the dog picture from John Gamboa's decal sheet archive, cats taken from a Whiskas commercial on Youtube, Render: crazyboy335
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Posted By: ongias25  
Excellent work on all of these cars. Thank You!
Posted By: pokebladerz  
Forgot to mention, I adjusted the www.callncarry.com logo placements after the render was done
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