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2016 Cody Ware #55 Carport Empire Chevy (Sonoma DNQ) Gen6BR15
gone-sovereign - 12/31/2016 - 1,946.9 kb - 343 User Downloads  
Posted By: 17kenseth88jrfan  
This is the car that Cody Ware attempted to make his Cup debut with at Sonoma driving for Premium Motorsports, but failed to qualify. It's hardly noticable, but the signature above the driver's and passenger's doors isn't exact, I couldn't identify the font used. Comes with pit crew, but no ratings since Cody DNQ'd the car. [CREDITS: Template - BER/Base - Me/Numbers - Me/Logos - Google Images, Facebook, Me/Contingencies - SRD/Miscellaneous - Me, Identifont/Pit Crew - TeamSBR] Enjoy!
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Posted By: will6644  
All hail the Ware Bear
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