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2004 Harvick #29 Snap-On *Updated* - 29_Harvick_Snap.cup.car 1457 downloads
ranman38 - 3/19/2004 - 11 User Comments - 324.2 kb  
First 12 people redownload. I fixed the little misalignment by the front wrenches. First car in a while. Got the urge to paint. Not 100% accurate due to no pics of the rear, but I got a close approximation. All mine.
8 Dale Earnhardt Jr 2004 - 8_DaleJr_04.cup.car 1880 downloads
ranman38 - 12/18/2003 - 1 User Comments - 361.2 kb  
Early version of Dale's 2004 scheme All mine except for template by Simpson
2004 DEI Stripes layers in psd format - DEI_stripes_2004.psd 1806 downloads
ranman38 - 12/16/2003 - 2 User Comments - 21.5 kb  
I created these in ultra hi res, then resized them. Enjoy. Does not come with bud decals or simpson layers, just top and bottom stripes layers.
7 Tyler Walker Dodge Truck Nice paint job! - 7_T_Walker.cts.car 1640 downloads
ranman38 - 9/30/2003 - 6 User Comments - 348.3 kb  
Thanks to pwf for template everything else is mine
DEI 2004 #1 Car???? KODAK Andretti Car - 1_J_Andretti_04.cup.car 1327 downloads
ranman38 - 9/25/2003 - 9 User Comments - 296.2 kb  
Have heard rumours of this being the sponsor. This is my renditon, of what I think it should look like. Masgrafx for number, racceschemecentral for nextel logo, spdshft for sunoco logo, contigs by someone here.
3 Peter Max Earnhardt Peter Max TRUCK - 3_petermax_DE.cts.car 1675 downloads
ranman38 - 9/23/2003 - 4 User Comments - 393.8 kb  
I know my friend peter beat me to it, but this is my favorite Earnhardt scheme, and was almost done when I saw his post. Anyway, this is highly accurate replica of his most sought after paint scheme. Enjoy. Used my badwrench font, scheme all hand painted, template by pwf, numbers by me, yada yada yada. :)
29 Super Hi res Completely layered psd number 29's - 29_layered_numbers.zip 1386 downloads
ranman38 - 8/28/2003 - 5 User Comments - 353.2 kb  
3 layers, you can make any color number Harvick has ever ran quickly and easily. I think these are the best 29's anywhere. Enjoy. Soon to come a complete 2003 Harvick template, with every decal/scheme he has used on his regular car.
20 Stewart Peanuts Bristol version - 20_peanuts_bris.cup.car 1264 downloads
ranman38 - 7/26/2003 - 7 User Comments - 387.4 kb  
Thanks to Brian Simpson/Janimox/Melissa for 2002 pontiac temp. Everything else from internet and by me. Render by me.
Western Auto Alt DW style - 71_r_ridgway.cup.car 803 downloads
RR - 7/22/2003 - 2 User Comments - 188.2 kb  
Friend of mine painted this and wanted me to post it for him and garner some opinions.
40 Coors Original Dodge from 2002 - 40_MARLIN_ORIG.cup.zip 1502 downloads
ranman38 - 7/14/2003 - 9 User Comments - 533.7 kb  
Someone requested this some time ago. thanks to c_shag for coors logo, I did the side logo, checkered base by me. Numbers are modified from lanzock.
3DSMAX 5 Mirrored surface tutorial - 3DSMAX5mirror.doc 1342 downloads
ranman38 - 7/9/2003 - 6 User Comments - 1,282.1 kb  
Threw this together for some league mates, thought I would share it. Word document with pictures. If you do not know what 3DSMAX is, do not download this file. lol :)
Pepsi 400 cars. Check inside! Links only! - pepsi400car.jpg 965 downloads
ranman38 - 7/4/2003 - 0 User Comments - 94.6 kb  
Links to my Pepsi 400 cars. Just click link to go to page and download. Waltrip, WaltripStarsStripes
McMurray, McMurrayt3
J. Gordon, GordonBillion
Sadler, Sadlergroovy
I have updated the waltrip and mcmurray cars. Enjoy
TRUCK DEI Stripes - dei truck stripes.psd 1249 downloads
ranman38 - 6/18/2003 - 9 User Comments - 77.0 kb  
here you go. All credit for body layer and mask layer to project wildfire guys. Stripes are hand made by me.
20 Stewart 2002 Peanuts Atlanta Version - 20_peanuts_atl.cup.zip 1348 downloads
ranman38 - 6/13/2003 - 16 User Comments - 425.9 kb  
Since we seem to be on a Stewart kick, here is the first of his 2 peanuts cars from 2002. Thanks to janimox/melissa for 2002 pontiac template, which I got from raceschemecentral, and the numbers are from Lanzock I believe, and characters are from scans, and from the web. Enjoy. Bristol version up soon
Goodwrench / Earnhardt Font named Badwrench - BADWN___.TTF 3335 downloads
ranman38 - 6/8/2003 - 6 User Comments - 10.4 kb  
Goodwrench font. Will be badwrench in your paint program. If you know how to use paint programs, you know that you can mess with the "Kerning" to make the letters really merge together as they do on the Goodwrench logo. Also, you are not limited to the font sizes you see. You can simply highlight and type in whatever size. For example, 125 is a good point ize for the 3's to fit on a nr2003 car. The quick lube and performance parts are good at around 200 or so. Actually you may only have to do a -5 kerning or so, because I made them close anyway. Some of the capitals aren't the same size, but I figured they wouldn't be used much. The G and E are the correct size. I made this from eps files found on the internet. It is very time consuming to import and size them, and get the paths correct, so, I will say that I made this font, with help from the original creators of the eps logos. Thank you! This will help you create Earnhardt cars with accurate decals, quickly and easily, as well as Harvick cars. Enjoy and let me know what you think? Simply paste this into your c:\windows\fonts or c:\winnt fonts folder. It will install it. Sometimes it also helps to go to the folder and double click it. It seems psp7 needs that to see it sometimes.
Chrome Illusion 5.0 Tutorial - Chrome Illusioner 5.doc 1562 downloads
ranman38 - 6/4/2003 - 16 User Comments - 2.9 kb  
quick and dirty tutorial for the program. Microsoft word document
96 99 Chevy Monte Carlo Template layered psd hi res - 98chevyhrtemplate.zip 1481 downloads
ranman38 - 5/30/2003 - 14 User Comments - 716.0 kb  
Updated 7/8/2003 !! Added swartz27 headlights. Looks like I got it done first! lol. Thanks of course to Brian Simpson for all the parts that are his. I heavily modified his template, modified my old nr2002 98 template. It has correct opera windows, squared off rear window, 96/97 and 98/99 headlights, hood shading, front and rear lines, body line, rounded bottom grill, higher smaller top grill, correct deck lid lines, correct hood outline lines, and no taillights. Thats about all I can think of. Enjoy.
8 Earnhardt jr Bud True Music Staind rock and roll car - 8_d_jr_bud_true.cup.car 1083 downloads
ranman38 - 5/28/2003 - 6 User Comments - 358.6 kb  
Threw this together over a couple days. Enjoy. Bud decals from the internet, staind base logo from logotypes.ru, and mcd's contig from kjssc rest is mine. Enjoy The render kinda makes it look more orange than it is. It is a bit more orangy red than it shows in the pic.
Larryj's The Winston Set 14 cars 1 d/l - winstonsetlarryj.zip 2295 downloads
ranman38 - 5/25/2003 - 30 User Comments - 18,544.1 kb  
Too good not to be in crew files, I offered and he accepted. Render by me. Enjoy. Larry will add comments and credits.
Groovy Summer Pepsi 400 38 Sadler M&M's Must see! - 38_grvy_sadler.cup.car 1649 downloads
ranman38 - 5/20/2003 - 13 User Comments - 2,258.6 kb  
My best yet. I used numerous self made picture tubes to create the multi colored effects. I think everything I used is mine. Enjoy. oh, I robbed the games pitcrew and ratings. Don't hold it against me! :)
J Gordon Pepsi 400 Billion Dollar car - 24_j_g_billion.cup.car 1642 downloads
ranman38 - 5/17/2003 - 13 User Comments - 1,579.0 kb  
Lets see, thanks to Ven for the grills, dupontpepsi24 for contigs, masgrafx for b-pillar decals and numbers, rest is all mine, 100 dollar bills is a psp picture tube I made. Simpson template of course. To be at the Pepsi 400.
8 chance 2 Steve Park Bass Pro Busch car - 8_c2_park_bass.cup.car 899 downloads
ranman38 - 5/4/2003 - 4 User Comments - 326.7 kb  
Everything mine except template,(simpson) and McD's contig,(kjcssk), Earnhardt Jr's 8 busch car driven by Park. Will do Dick's Sports next.
3dsmax Materials tutorial !! 3d studio max 5 - 3dsmax5 Materials Tutorial.doc 2818 downloads
ranman38 - 4/30/2003 - 10 User Comments - 1,265.4 kb  
Something I threw together. I am assuming you know a few things. If enough people request more tutorials on this subject I will try to crank something out. Special thanks to www.mg-motorsports.com for the models used in the tutorial.
T3 terminator 3 torn template - t3_torntemplate.zip 1714 downloads
ranman38 - 4/26/2003 - 5 User Comments - 970.6 kb  
template I made for my T3 cars, all hand drawn
99 T3 Terminator 3 Waltrip Busch Car - 99_T3_Waltrip.cup.car 1125 downloads
ranman38 - 4/24/2003 - 2 User Comments - 383.4 kb  
Pics are not 100%, closest I could find, and believe me I looked. Everything else pretty accurate. Simpson template, my contigs, numbers, etc. I will repost the 42 t3 car soon, as well as the torn template.
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