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Username: nbaker9-91
First Name: Nick Last Name: Baker
E-mail: bakes8321@yahoo.com
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Hobbies: Drawing cars, watching races, hanging with friends Web Page:
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My First car-Kahne ALT 1 - 9dodge-alt1.tga 945 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 11/1/2006 - 16 User Comments - 148.2 kb  
Credits go out to me for the base, MasGrafx & google for logos, Masgrafx (zone15 i think) for template, Numbers & signiture, masgrafx. Thanks for everyone's advice & help with my painting! Comments, constructive critism, and put-downs are really needed to help with my painting! This is my first car file here! Thanks for comments & dls!
Evernham ALT base 1 - Evernham-base1.jpg 707 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 10/30/2006 - 1 User Comments - 107.9 kb  
Render by chorton49 (misspelled i'm sure) Template from Masgrafx, mainly posted for comments because once again it is not in layers. Car file will be posted in a few days when this goes off the front page here! Thanks for the comments & d/ls!
Fictional Base - HOLIDAY.CINGULAR3.tga 691 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 10/7/2006 - 8 User Comments - 81.5 kb  
Ok feel free to leave comments anytime, i check for them everyday. Thanks to ernhrtfan for the awesome render! Hope to see this base used someday! Have a great day!
Holiday Inn/ Cingular Base *repost3* - HOLIDAY.CINGULAR.tga 629 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 9/17/2006 - 14 User Comments - 79.9 kb  
Render redone by ernhrtfan. Comments and constructive critism and advice is highly appreciated! Thanks to wdnewberry and Lawless1 for the advice
Holiday Inn/ Cingular BASE - HOLIDAY.CINGULAR.tga 510 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 9/17/2006 - 3 User Comments - 79.9 kb  
Credits go to ernhrtfan for the render. I thought it came out good. This is based on Burton's scheme. Comments are highly recommended. Please give advice for the next cars i make. Hope to see this base used for an awesome car one day.
FICTIONAL BASE *changed* - M&Ms.fic.base2.TGA 558 downloads
nbaker9-91 - 9/10/2006 - 10 User Comments - 720.2 kb  
Well i just took the M&M's logo off and changed it around a little bit. Once again no render. Special thanks to Lawless1 for the advice.
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