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#8 Tyler Reddick Bennett Fictional
spitfire4456 - 8/17/2022 - 1,854.4 kb - 305 User Downloads  
Posted By: spitfire4456  
Logos: Google, Stunod Base: nickracesSC2008 Number: BER B-Pillar and Name Banner: Rick's B-Pillars v2 and Driver Names Name Rail: Stunod
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User Comments:
Posted By: xyz_racer  
You need to give proper credit... you can't just say stunod. Find out who did the name rail and credit that person!
Posted By: FaygoJuggalo  
Make sure the filesize is smaller than the limit and in jpg form for the picture. This is cool considering the sponsor overlap for most teams!
Posted By: Matt Yeager  
Picture? It helps figuring out how the car looks, especially when it is fictional. It is great also to state which mod it is for.
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