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1970's Trans Am to Next Gen 4pk - TransAmFaygo4pk.zip 287 downloads
FaygoJuggalo - 11/19/2022 - 0 User Comments - 6,698.4 kb  
4 Pack of 1970's Trans Am racers- 77 Sam Posey, 15 Parnelli Jones, 42 Swede Savage, 48 Dan Gurney. BillA1947 from Stunod made the Dodge Template, and I added bits to make a Plymouth Cuda one as well. FCRD Philly_T Next gen ford temp. All numbers are made by me, and the "Base Schemes" were made by me also. James Hodge Orthographic Render Scene, modified by me. The vintage decals came from all over, mostly from decal/sticker packs on ebay and cut out - anything else would be from google images. The dodge/cuda imports on the dodge body in game (generic), ford to, well, ford. (These go in the FCRD Next Gen 2022 mod)
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