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NR2002 Ed Berrier WC Hills Bros. Ford 1999
sgfulton83 - 9/11/2020 - 90.7 kb - 228 User Downloads  
Posted By: sgfulton83  
#90 Hills Bros. Ford driven in Winston Cup Series by Ed Berrier in 1999.
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Posted By: Kazuo  
Try to put the credits in the upload, not in the comments. As for the image, make sure it's not too big and make sure it's a JPG not a PNG file. It's important to give credit for the template used, any base scheme and the sources for the major logos, as well as the render.
Posted By: sgfulton83  
I don't know why it didn't load the car file or screenshot on the last one but I tried again. As for credits, I used in-game default sponsor logos off the #23 of Hut Stricklin for the Hills Brothers logo. I used decals from a default car as well. The number was made by me which is why it's not perfect.
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