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David Phillips 2017 Sunenergy1 Car
DragonFangs - 8/25/2019 - 1,024.8 kb - 203 User Downloads  
Posted By: DragonFangs  
My fourth and final scheme for the 2017 season
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Posted By: DragonFangs  
Yeah...I will admit I did rush these. I understand that I need to take time making these, all 4 of my schemes were made like 3 months ago, and I just want to see the finished project. I'll make some more schemes and actually take more time making it. Thanks for the help!
Posted By: Kazuo  
@Bitbreaker You're right, I simply meant as a starting point. Base schemes are a good teaching tool for how to lay out a base and tweaking them is a good intro. Everything else you're saying is spot on though!
Posted By: Bitbreaker  
@kazuo I don't think it's a good Idea to tell him, that he has to use preset bases. You can't get better if you don't trying. I think the main problem on these cars are, that they are rushed. @DragonFangs be patient while painting your bases. Maybe you should look some painting videos on facebook to see how the tools work correctly (for example the videos of nr2003gaming for gimp and TH Designs for Photoshop). Always go quality over quantity
Posted By: RAINBOW  
Can’t believe 5 users downloaded this piece of shit.Pretty much like Stunod they will download anything if it’s free and downloadable.
Posted By: DragonFangs  
Alright, thanks! I'll keep note of that next time I make a scheme.
Posted By: Kazuo  
All 4 of your schemes are good for a beginner, but you'll find you can do a lot more if you try downloading base schemes that fit the template you're using. You'll be able to customise colors and modify them and it will look a lot more professional. You'll also really upgrade your schemes if you use pre-made number sets. There are hundreds available here and on many other sites. It's also important to give credit for the resources you use. In the case of your first 4 uploads you've used templates created by someone else and you should give credit for any logos used, even if it's just Google. Good job on these and I hope you keep creating and sharing!
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