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2019 MENCS19 - Kurt Busch - 1 - Daytona2 *Updated Again*
Andy22 - 7/21/2019 - 2,070.8 kb - 554 User Downloads  
Posted By: Andy22  
Updated the numbers and the backwards right side on Kurt's car. Thank u to Kazuo for pointing out that the right side was backwards! Credits: Template: Splash N' Go. Base: Me. Logos: Google. Numbers: BER. Enjoy!
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: Andy22  
Ah that was it. Glad we figured it out!
Posted By: GBezerra  
Hi Andy, I did it! It was my mistake. I was putting in the import / export folder without unzipping (as I have done in other times). Thank you so much for your attention.
Posted By: Andy22  
Just to make sure you did everything right, did you unzip (click twice) on the file to copy just the .tga file? Did you put it into the exports/imports folder? Did you import it when you opened the game?
Posted By: GBezerra  
Not really, Andy. There must be another problem here. Anyway, I appreciate your attention.
Posted By: Andy22  
Did you get it to work?
Posted By: GBezerra  
ok i will do that.
Posted By: bamaracing  
You have import to the car
Posted By: Andy22  
Ok so after you've put it in the imports/exports folder, do you go to the game and click "new" in the Opponent Manager and save it after you put it in?
Posted By: GBezerra  
Hi Andy, it doesn't show in the game.
Posted By: Andy22  
Are you saying it doesn't show up in the folder, or in the game?
Posted By: GBezerra  
Dear Andy, thank you again for your excellent work. However, when I transfer the file to the import / export folder, it does not appear there. Could you help me? Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Andy22  
Thank u for pointing out the backwards side and thank u for the compliments!
Posted By: Kazuo  
Great job!
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