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#34 Michael McDowell Love's Travel Stops (Daytona 500) (MENCS19)
shaneshine23 - 2/9/2019 - 4,076.3 kb - 604 User Downloads  
Posted By: shaneshine23  
base - me logos-google number - big evil racing render - the mod squad
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Posted By: 11rowsof3  
Don't make me cry @shaneshine23! lolol PLus it's a GREAT looking car. Very clean, you did good!
Posted By: shaneshine23  
Thank you so much @11rowsof3, those words mean the world coming from a painter like you, guys like you are why I started. :)
Posted By: 11rowsof3  
But I have this car in my Daytona 500 set, so it's awesome. Thank you. When a more accurate, more detailed version comes out - we can just replace. All cool. Sometimes I quite frankly PREFER speed over quality. At least it's in the field. It'll get fixed later. :)
Posted By: shaneshine23  
People download it bud, they like it, with or without detail, sorry that nobodies perfect. ;)
Posted By: tenderman65  
There's no excuse for throwing things together in a quick manner. Quality over quantity above anything else.
Posted By: shaneshine23  
Appreciate all the feedback and kind words, should have stated in the description is this was a quick thrown together version of this car for those who need them for offline races. Thank you!!!
Posted By: waylon2403  
Not to mention no numbers on front or back and no goodyear on front fenders but thanks for posting any way.
Posted By: Skyline  
Add sigs, rear banner name, and B post. If you're gonna do it at all, do it right
Posted By: MariosMinions  
Great job! Only recommendation is adding the signatures and/or the last name on the back of the car. Also, any chance you can do Gase's #66?
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