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Ross Chastain #40 Fictional (MENCS18) - 40ChastainFict.cup.car 893 downloads
MariosMinions - 10/19/2018 - 1 User Comments - 1,070.7 kb  
This is a fictional scheme for if Ross Chastain drove a 3rd Chip Ganassi Racing car. Credits: BER for template and number, Paint by RAH for Base, and TMS for the Render. Feedback is welcome!
Erik Jones #18 Truck - Erik_Jones_18.zip 828 downloads
MariosMinions - 7/28/2018 - 0 User Comments - 1,215.9 kb  
This is Erik Jones's truck from Pocono. There is 2 versions included. Version 1 has Noah Gragson's name on the Windsheild and name above the door, while Version 2 (Pictured below) has Jones's name on the truck. I included the 2nd version just in case anybody wanted it, although the first version is the one that is being used. Get well soon Noah. Credits: SRD for contigs, Google for logos, BER for the template and numbers, SuarezFan19 for the Base, and The Mod Squad for the render.
(CWS15) 4 Truck Set - Truck Set.zip 1076 downloads
MariosMinions - 6/17/2018 - 1 User Comments - 2,578.2 kb  
This is another set of 4 trucks. This set features Camden Murphy's #0 from Texas (Also attempted Iowa), Bayley Currey's #36 from Kansas, Dawson Cram's #50 from Martinsville, and Bayley Currey's #83 from Iowa. Credits: Diecastcharv.com for the numbers, BER for the template, Google for the logos, and TMS for the renders.
Jeff Zillweger #57 Martinsville Truck - 57Zillweger.cts.car 912 downloads
MariosMinions - 6/16/2018 - 1 User Comments - 258.5 kb  
For CWS15 Mod. This is Jeff Zillweger's #57 truck that was scheduled to attempt Martinsville, but he withdrew before the race. Credits: Diecastcharv.com for the number, BER for the template, Google for the logos, and TMS for the render. Not sure who I'm gonna do next.
(CWS15) TJL Motorsports Set - TJL_Set.zip 1055 downloads
MariosMinions - 5/5/2018 - 5 User Comments - 2,355.9 kb  
This set features 4 trucks from TJL Motorsports. Greenfield drove the #1 at Atlanta, Greenfield drove the #1 at Las Vegas, Mike Secina drove the #1 at Martinsville, and Tommy Regan was planned to drive the #1 at Dover, but the team withdrew prior to the race. I should mention that I could not find a big enough logo for Mike Senica's Martinsville sponsor, so I sadly had to leave it blank. Credits: Diecastcharv.com for the number, BER for the template, Google for the logos, and TMS for the redners.
Noah Gragson Safelite 2018 (CWS15) - 18Gragson.cts.car 1206 downloads
MariosMinions - 3/6/2018 - 1 User Comments - 606.5 kb  
This is Noah Gragson's 2018 #18 Safelite truck. Credits: SRD for contigs, Google for logos, BER for the template and numbers, SuarezFan19 for the Base, and The Mod Squad for the render.
Scott Stenzel #63 Las Vegas - 63Stenzel.cts.car 1068 downloads
MariosMinions - 3/5/2018 - 1 User Comments - 515.5 kb  
This is Scott Stenzel's #63 extremely complicated Las Vegas truck. Credits: BER for the number and templates
CWS15 David Gilliland Set - GillilandSet.zip 1337 downloads
MariosMinions - 2/16/2018 - 3 User Comments - 3,364.1 kb  
This set features both of David Gilliland's 2018 trucks, his #4 from Daytona, and also his #51 he will run at Talladega. I also included a version of the #4 truck for Todd Gilliland as a small bonus. Credits: BER for the numbers and templates and Google for the logos.
Cody Coughlin JEGS 2018 - 2Coughlin.cts.car 1249 downloads
MariosMinions - 1/23/2018 - 3 User Comments - 791.7 kb  
This is Cody Coughlin's 2018 #2 truck. This truck is by far the most disapointed I've been with the way a paint turned out, I guess its okay but it could've been better. Credits: Diecastcharv.com for the number, Google For the logos, and BER for the template. I'm doing Ted Minor's 2017 trucks next, I'll try to make sure those come out better.
Justin Fontaine 2018 Truck - 45JFontaine.cts.car 1097 downloads
MariosMinions - 1/21/2018 - 3 User Comments - 680.1 kb  
This is the truck Justin Fontaine will drive for Niece Motorsports this year. Credits: SRD for the contigs, Google for the logos, BER for the numbers, and TMS for the Render.
CWS15 Jeffrey Abbey Pack - Abbey_Set.zip 944 downloads
MariosMinions - 1/19/2018 - 5 User Comments - 2,362.5 kb  
This is a set of 3 trucks. All 3 are Jeffrey Abbey. The 1st truck is the show truck from the announcement of him running Eldora, the 2nd one is the truck he raced at Eldora, and the 3rd is the one he ran at Martinsville. Credits: SRD for the contigs, Gooogle for the logos, BER for the numbers, and my friend for the Eldora truck base.
CWS15 2016 Truck Pack - Download Link.zip 1201 downloads
MariosMinions - 1/14/2018 - 3 User Comments - 0.2 kb  
This is a set of 20 trucks from 2016. This set features Andy Seuss's #1 from Charlotte, Dylan Lupton's #02 from Talladega, Austin Theriault's #02 from Martinsville 2, Brady Boswell's #05 from Eldora, Cody Coughlin's #05 from Texas, Sean Corr's #6 from Pocono, Ryan Ellis's #6 from Michigan, Cody Ware's #07 from Talladega, Claire Decker's #10 from Martinsville, Cody McMahan's #10 from Dover, Clay Greenfield's #10 from Talladega, Ryan Ellis's #10 from Texas, Kaz Grala's #24 from Martinsville 2, Shane Lee's #24 from Texas 2, Andy Seuss's #28 from Charlotte, Kyle Soper's #28 from Martinsville 2, Casey Smith's #45 from Martinsville 2, Nick Drake's #49 from Dover, Ryan Ellis's #63 from Talladega, and Tommy Regan's #78 from Texas. Credits: SRD for contigs, Google for logos, BER for numbers, Paint by RAH for some bases, and Om3ga and BER for templates. as with last time I had a friend who made some bases for me so thanks to him as well. Please leave comments and feedback!
CWS15 30-Truck Pack - Download Link.zip 1294 downloads
MariosMinions - 1/5/2018 - 16 User Comments - 0.2 kb  
This is a set of 30 trucks! Over a month of work is done! The download is a link to a Mediafire download. The set features Joey Gase's #0 from Kansas, Matt Mills's #0 from Pocono, Ray Ciccarelli's #0 from Michigan, Ray Ciccarelli's #0 from Loudon, Scott Lagasse Jr's #02 from Iowa, Chuck Buchanan Jr's #10 from Martinsville, Dawson Cram's #11 from Martinsville, Cody Ware's #12 from Charlotte, DJ Kennington's #15 from Talladega, Wendell Chavous's #15 from Homestead, JJ Yeley's #36 from Pocono, BJ McLeod's #36 from Chicgoland, Austin Wayne Self's #44 from Pocono, Victor Gonzalez Jr's #45 from Canada, Spencer Boyd's #50 from Charlotte, Mike Harmon's #50 from Eldora, Bayley Currey's #50 from Martinsville 2, J.J. Yeley's #63 from Atlanta, Landon Huffman's #63 from Bristol, Todd Peck's #63 from Canada, Ken Schrader's #66 from Eldora, Vinnie Miller's #66 from Talladega, Joe Hudson's #74 from Canada, Justin Shipley's #80 from Eldora, Camdem Murphy's #83 from Gateway, Spencer Boyd's #83 from Talladega, Patrick Emerling's #83 from Texas, Joe Nemechek's #87 from Canada, Travis Miller's #99 from Kansas, and Brian Wong's #99 from Canada. Also as a note several logos were hard to find due to them being local companies. Credits: BER and Diecastcharv.com for the numbers, SRD for the contigs, Google for logos, and Ome3ga for the templates, Paint by RAH for some bases, I had a few bases already downloaded that I don't know where they came from, I also had a friend make some bases for me, so thanks to him as well. Anyway, I'm done with 2017 trucks now, I'm considering doing some 2016 trucks for fun as we wait for the 2018 season to begin, but I'd like to hear your thoughts on that, so please leave comments!
CWS15 5-Truck Pack - Trucks.zip 1095 downloads
MariosMinions - 1/1/2018 - 7 User Comments - 5,604.9 kb  
This is a set of 5 trucks! It features Korbin Forrister's #0 truck from Eldora, Ray Ciccarelli's #10 truck from Eldora, BJ McLeod's #63 truck from Michigan, Mike Harmon's #1 truck from Talladega, and Tyler Young's #20 truck from Texas. Also note some of the logo's (Espically on Ciccarelli's and Young's trucks) are wrong due to bad quality refernce photos and not being able to find the logos. Credits: All numbers from BER, contigs from SRD, #20 base from Paint by RAH, and google for images.
#15 Kubota Tractor CWS15 (Phoenix) - 15Hathaway.cts.car 1084 downloads
MariosMinions - 12/31/2017 - 6 User Comments - 664.5 kb  
Jason Hathaway's truck from the Phoenix truck race. I couldn't find one of the logos on the truck so I had to improvise. As always feedback and comments are welcome! Credits: BER for the number, Google and Premium Motorsports for the logos, TMS for the render.
Tommy Joe Martins Unsponsored #42 (Texas 2) - 42MartinsTexas.cts.car 1005 downloads
MariosMinions - 12/30/2017 - 2 User Comments - 512.3 kb  
This is Tommy Joe Martins's truck from the 2nd Texas truck race. This is the version he raced, not the one he practiced in. As always feedback is appreciated. Credits: Diecastcharv.com for the number, Om3egA for the template, SRD for the contigs, and TMS for the render.
2018 Spencer Boyd Fictional (NXS17) - 76SBoyd.gns.car 993 downloads
MariosMinions - 12/29/2017 - 0 User Comments - 856.5 kb  
This is a semi-fictional scheme for Spencer Boyd's #76 car for 2018. Please keep in mind this is only my 2nd car and I'm still learning. Credits: Base from Antigordo, Google for Images, Number from Spencer Boyd's Twitter, SRD for contigs, and TMS for the render.
#34 Lilly Diabetes Fictional - 34RyanReed.cup.car 914 downloads
MariosMinions - 12/27/2017 - 4 User Comments - 790.1 kb  
This is my first car so it probably seems pretty awful, please leave feedback and suggestions to help me improve in any future paints. Credits: Google for the logos, SRD for the Contigs, BER for the number, Antigordo for the base (Slightly edited by me), and TMS for the render.
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