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#8 2003 Retro Dale Jr. Test Car (NR2003)
emanuel1996 - 2/6/2019 - 826.0 kb - 140 User Downloads  
Posted By: emanuel1996  
This is one of Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s 2003 Test Cars. The car doesn't include RATINGS, and It is in .car format! Credits to: Splash And Go for the template, The Mod Squad for the Render Scene, and Google for logo and numbers. Enjoy It!
Screen Shot:
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Posted By: emanuel1996  
I am a faggot.... I forget always something :( ! Thanks a lot, anyway, dude!
Posted By: Kazuo  
Unless the car isn't for NR2003 there's no need to specify the game in your title. Better to say which mod it's for. Great job on this one, I like it!
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