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2022 MENCS Fantasy Silly Season (MENCS18)
chargenick1563 - 11/2/2018 - 0.3 kb - 437 User Downloads  
Posted By: chargenick1563  
CREDITS: Painting Program - GIMP 2.8; Mod & Templates - Splash N' Go Graphics; Bases - Me, Paint-By-RAH; Numbers - XaticX, Big Evil Racing; Logos - Google Images; Ratings - NRatings
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Posted By: chargenick1563  
@Tigerman Nope, I made it so after Jimmie retired at the end of 2020, HMS re-numbered the 48 to the 25.
Posted By: Tigerman  
There's no 48... wow.
Posted By: MariosMinions  
Nice! I don't see a few of these things happening, but its still a cool concept and the schemes aren't that bad.
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