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#42 Kyle Larson Clover/First Data (KAN1) FIXED
shaneshine23 - 5/11/2018 - 6,574.6 kb - 613 User Downloads  
Posted By: shaneshine23  
Credits: Base-Me Number-BER Render-TMS (Color is WAY off on the render, no clue why.)
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: racing24  
AMAZING work!!!!
Posted By: shaneshine23  
Car is now fixed, my bad!! My eyesight isn't the best. :) ;)
Posted By: GBezerra  
The zip file has a .png pic of the car...
Posted By: Tigerman  
No good if it is the PNG file.
Posted By: elchavodel1982  
Fantastic car, but one small thing. Where is the .car file. The zip file has a .png pic of the car.
Posted By: DikoPriyonggo  
Woooow nice job man woohoo
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