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Username: DikoPriyonggo
First Name: Diko Last Name: Priyonggo
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uploaded files
20 Erik Jones Freightliner Quaker State 400 - 20eJonesQS400.cup.car 574 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 7/10/2018 - 9 User Comments - 6,680.9 kb  
Credits : Templates (Splash n' Go), Numbers (BER), Contig (Alan Harkelroad), B-Pillar (Fosterick), Rear banner (SDG), logos (Google), Pitwagon (SteveZ), Base (me), and Render (TMS)
00 GOShare Chevy MENCS18 - 00tDrissiSonoma.cup.car 782 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 6/23/2018 - 3 User Comments - 1,192.6 kb  
Credits : Templates (SnG), Numbers and Base (Me), Contig (Blumust10AC), logos (Googles, StarCom Websites), Renders (TMS)
43 Meijer MENCS18 - 43DWMeijerMICH1.cup.car 649 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 6/12/2018 - 1 User Comments - 2,164.3 kb  
Credits : Templates (Splash n' Go), Numbers (BigEvilRacing), Logos (ELD Designs (from 2014 USAF Base Schemes) and Google), Swoosh Decals (GraviteDesigns (CF Design)), Contingency and B- Pillar (Blumust10ac), Pitwagon (SteveZ (SZip64)), Base Schemes (Me), Renders (The Mod Squad)
Firekeepers Casino 400 3Chevy Pack (REUPLOAD) - FireKeepers Casino 400 3Pack.7z 574 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 6/9/2018 - 3 User Comments - 4,076.3 kb  
Here is scheme will used in FireKeepers Casino 400 : #43 Darrell Wallace, Jr. (Meijer), #72 Corey LaJoie (Zomongo), and #99 Garrett Smithley (Victory Lane Quick Oil Change) Credits : Templates (Splash N' Go), Numbers (Big Evil ), Contig and B- Pillar (Blumust10ac), logos (Googles, and ELD Designs (From decals USAF base)) Base (me), Pitwagons (SteveZ(SZip64)), Swoosh Decals((#43 by Gravite(CF Designs)), Renders (Themodsquad) NOTE : Namerail from #72 and #99 is missing
Coca-Cola 600 Tri-Pack - Coke600_3Pack.7z 922 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/25/2018 - 4 User Comments - 16,805.5 kb  
Here's a Paint Scheme will used in Coca-Cola 600 #2 Miller Lite Patriotic, #11 FedEx Ground, and #19 Interstate Batteries Credits : Templates (SnG), Numbers (BER, Paint-By-RAH (from Miller Lite Base)), Base (Me, Paint-By-RAH), Contig and B-pillar (Blumust10ac), logos(Google, Paint-by-RAH (from Miller Lite Base), Stunod (Arris logos), and BER (Stanley logo)), Patriotic Banner (jeff14124), Namerail (Me, and BER), Pit Wagon (SteveZ), Renders (TheModSquad) NOTE 1 : Picture will upload soon NOTE 2 : Picture sometimes will changes
11 Denny Hamlin FedEx Ground CLT1 (MENCS18) - 18DH11fedexCLT1.cup.car 525 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/23/2018 - 0 User Comments - 1,852.3 kb  
Credits : Templates (SnG), Numbers and Signature (BigEvilRacing), Base (Paint-By-RAH), Contig and B-Pillar (Blumust10ac), Logos (Google and Logopedia Wiki (logos.wikia.com)), Pit Wagon (SteveZ), Render (TheModSquad)
2 Miller Lite CLT1 (MENCS18) - 2_Keselow_CLT1.cup.car 628 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/23/2018 - 0 User Comments - 6,372.9 kb  
Credits : Templates (SnG), Numbers Pack (BER, and Paint-By-RAH (from Miller Lite Base)), Base (Paint-By-RAH), logo (Google, and Paint-By-RAH (from Miller Lite Base)), Patriotic Banner (jeff14124), Pit Wagon (SteveZ), Contig and B-Pillar (Blumust10ac, and Google (NASCAR Salutes logos)), Base (Me), Render (TheModSquad)
19 Daniel Suarez Interstate Batteries - 19DSuarezIntBat.cup.car 525 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/22/2018 - 2 User Comments - 2,538.5 kb  
Credits : Templates (SnG), Numbers (BER), Base and Logos (Paint- By-RAH,Stunod (Arris logos), and BER (Stanley logo)), Banner Front Patriotic (jeff14124), Pit Wagons (SteveZ), Contig. (Blumust10ac and Google (NASCAR Salutes logo)), Render(TheModSquad) NOTE : Namerail is missing NOTE 2 : Sometimes Screenshot will changed as feedback from @tenderman65 and @DAWGFATHER about missing C- Pillar Sponsor here is pic (Above)
15 Justin Marks Sufferfest Beer (MENCS18) - 15JMarksSurfer.cup.car 734 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/20/2018 - 2 User Comments - 1,290.0 kb  
Credits : Template (SnG), Numbers (BigEvilRacing), Base (me), Contig (by Blumust10ac), logos (Google), and Render (TheModSquad) Note : NameRail and Rear Side Bumber Sponsor missing
#4 Kevin Harvick Busch Beer Darlington Throwback (MENCS18) - 4KHbuschDARL18.cup.car 780 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/15/2018 - 0 User Comments - 2,501.9 kb  
Credits : Alan Harkleroad (Contig, Logos(BUSCH 2017), Big Evil Racing (Numbers), Blumust10ac (B-Pillar logos), Logos (Google), SnG (Templates), SteveZ (PitWagon), The Mod Squad (Render), and Me (Base)
43 Darrell Wallace Jr. U.S. Air Force (Coke Zero Sugar 400) (MENCS18) - 43DWUSAirForce.cup.car 831 downloads
DikoPriyonggo - 5/13/2018 - 1 User Comments - 6,982.7 kb  
This Scheme will used two race (Coke Zero Sugar 400, and CanAm 500) Credits : Templates (SnG), Numbers (BigEvilRacing), Logos (ELD Designs(from 2014 USAF Base Schemes) and Google), Swoosh Decals (GraviteDesigns), Contingency (SnG (Modified from Germain Contingency)) B-Pillar (Fosterick), Patriotic Banner (Jeff1424), Base Schemes (Me), Renders (The Mod Squad)
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