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fictional target car mencs18 mod
isaacgaming21 - 5/3/2018 - 979.8 kb - 602 User Downloads  
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
credits:template by SNG,numbers & logos by BER
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: ongias25  
This is so great to see positive encouragement from veteran painters helping people that are just getting into painting. Great job on this one you're getting better at every car!
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
Wow this is amazing for a beginner! Keep it up!
Posted By: Bitbreaker  
Solid scheme, but I would do a black outline to the "TARGET" Logo on the side so it will popout more. Also the front on the headlights seems to need a bit work, because the red on the side don't fit in
Posted By: racing24  
finally isaac you are starting to get better good work here
Posted By: KBMfan54  
It's an alright scheme you're getting better now. Move the number up more that's all I can think of right now.
Posted By: EarnhardtCountry  
Even better! Just remember to shrink your number!
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