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fictional texaco car br15 mod
isaacgaming21 - 5/1/2018 - 960.0 kb - 641 User Downloads  
Posted By: isaacgaming21  
credits:template by BER,number & logos by BER & GOOGLE this car is drived by the old 42 car for 2007-2013 driver Juan Pablo Montoya
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User Comments:
Posted By: Nascar_Games  
This is good!
Posted By: KBMfan54  
This is easily the best car you've made yet! Nice job on this one. Update the contigs, add B-pillar logos, and make the hood logo slightly smaller. Other than that this one looks good.
Posted By: ongias25  
Getting better with every car. Great job,keep it up!
Posted By: FR1999  
actually decent this time. missing a few decals but that's fine
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
And before anyone blasts him - everyone starts somewhere. Not everyone is fantastic right out of the gate. Give him advice and constructive criticism, not just blind bashing.
Posted By: 38Cassill38  
Getting better - keep it up!
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