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Johnny Benson 2002 Radioshack Pontiac *FICTIONAL* (Cup2000)
WaffleBoy14 - 3/21/2018 - 927.9 kb - 231 User Downloads  
Posted By: WaffleBoy14  
I remember RadioShack co-sponsored for one race in 2002, so I decided to make a full on RadioShack car (even though kids these days don't even know what that place is) Credits: Template from Omega, Number from BER, Logos from an assortment of sites Google searches
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Posted By: Davidellias  
Man I'm getting old. I remember RadioShack. They sold a lot of Consumer Electronics and were for the most part a scaled down Best Buy. Nice car Waffle
Posted By: dirtrcng28x  
If they don't know what Radioshack is, the they probably don't know who Johnny Benson is either so who cares lol. Nice job on the paint!
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