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Username: Davidellias
First Name: David Last Name: Ellias
E-mail: coletrickle5146@hotmail.com
ICQ: Location: TN
Hobbies: Railfanning, Internet, Photagraphy Web Page:
uploaded files
(NXS17) #6 Roses Stores Camaro - XGN_6_T_Houston.gns.car 394 downloads
Davidellias - 5/25/2018 - 0 User Comments - 2,349.1 kb  
Here's my second attempt at a modernized BGN car. This one is TOmmy Houston. A legend of the Western North Carolina bullrings, Houston started every race from 1982-1994, and finished runner up in points in 1989. CREDITS: RacinGrafix / TeamOm3ga / NNRacing / google. / The Mod Squad / Mtnbillie
(NXS17) #00 Thomas Brothers Country Ham Chevrolet (Third Try) - XGN_00_S_Ard.gns.car 376 downloads
Davidellias - 5/20/2018 - 1 User Comments - 2,320.2 kb  
This is the first in a series of cars I plan on making. The idea is to make a modernized versions of old-school BGN cars. The first one on the docket is the #00 Sam Ard Thomas Brothers Country Hams cars. CREDITS: Team Om3ga / freevector.co / NNRacing / dafont.com / The Mod Squad (Added working render pic)
(Cup98) - #54 Applebees / Danka Pontiac **ReUpload v2.0** - 1998_54_TMilnerPontiac.zip 477 downloads
Davidellias - 3/14/2018 - 1 User Comments - 2,466.5 kb  
(ReUploaded due to missing pic and I accidentally uploaded the files backwards) This car is based off of the early 90s Tom Millner Racing GP Cars comes in both Brian Bonner and Wayne Taylor Variations. Both are .tga files BASE: Me / Numbers dafont.com / Logos freevector.co / google / Template: - Cosmin
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