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Retro 1992 #11 Bill Elliott Budweiser Ford (NXS17 Mod)
racingformusic - 4/15/2017 - 1,026.0 kb - 197 User Downloads  
Posted By: racingformusic  
Bill Elliott's #11 Budweiser Ford, based on his 1992-94 Winston Cup Scheme, on a NXS17 Mustang. Credits: Sim Racing Design for Templates, and Big Evil Racing for the Numbers and Contigs
Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: pokebladerz  
A lot of sites offer rendering. I would recommend Stunod Racing or SRD specifically
Posted By: racingformusic  
Thanks bud :) I don't really know how to render cars tbh
Posted By: pokebladerz  
Also you could use some work trying to align the windshield names and getting them the right font/font size/Italics
Posted By: pokebladerz  
Hey these are actually REALLY good paints, you should get these rendered instead of the game screenshots, it would make them look 1000% better and actually show the quality of the paint. Great job!
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