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Dale Jr #3 Wrangler cup10s
Steveracing7151 - 5/5/2010 - 410.3 kb - 1419 User Downloads  
Posted By: Steveracing7151  
Here Jr car that he will run at Daytona in the nationwide race.Credit:Base:Me,Logos:Google,Masgrafx,Deadpool and some help by Big Evil Designs,Number:MRD,Render done by Jeremy Stanley.And yes i did do a Driver Suit for the driver i did the main suit and i use the helmet from someone at BCR.

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Posted By: pablao22194  
i think the actual paint scheme would look more old school if they made the 3 look like the font style of the 2 in this paint scheme, b/c dale was still #2 when this scheme was raced.
Posted By: Steveracing7151  
Thanks guys.But ya i did it on the cup10s becuase it looks more real then any mod out there of right now for NR2003 so.right now i am thinking of re-making it and make it for the Bullring COT but idk
Posted By: Kazuo  
There isn't a Nationwide CoT mod...yet, so that's probably a more similar look than if he'd done it on the PWF GNS or the NWS08, good job man looks awesome and the detail is spot on!
Posted By: Blackhawk3  
Good looking car! Paint it on the Nationwide series. I would like to see it as what it is supposed to be. I like it anyway. Good job.
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