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Fic #22 NOS SS.net
Tlmac55 - 5/7/2009 - 1,197.1 kb - 1190 User Downloads  
Posted By: Tlmac55  
Here is my next installment of fic cars. This one took me a while to make (about 2-3 hrs!) This is really kinda the first time i have my own base. Carbon fiber layer and flames from srd. I had to outline the flames myself which was a pain but turned out really good! I think my best car yet so guys PLEASE COMMENT and let me know how it is! Credits: masgrafx, srd, rpd, muddslide, and google.

Screen Shot:
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User Comments:
Posted By: TMMasterCup426  
Interesting choice of numbers. Penske does own the #22, by the way... ;)
Posted By: slicedbread  
wow good work.. ill take one! itll look good in the game
Posted By: theshackle  
real nice man, the scheme defintly fits the sponsor
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