NASCAR Racing By Papyrus
To order NASCAR Racing by Papyrus, the Track Pack, or NASCAR II, just click here.

To download the NASCAR 2 demo click here and follow the instructions below.

1. Make a directory called N2DEMO
2. Place NAS2DEMO.ZIP in the N2demo file
3.From DOS run PKUNZIP.EXE using the command line PKUNZIP -d NAS2DEMO.ZIP
4. Go to the NASCAR 2 directory and run Install. Follow instructions given from here

You must have be running an intel pentium processor and 16megs of RAM to run the demo

To get the new palette fix for NASCAR 2 cars got to the utilities page.



Now that NASCAR 2 is out we are able to race with most of the real drivers of NASCAR in the best racing simulation to date, but the drivers' sponsors are a different matter. As you know some sponsors are not featured in the game, and special edition cars are not either. I am currently working on several special edition, alcohol and tobacco sponsorship, and cars of drivers not included, and will post them as I finish them.

To add new cars,simply run the .exe file from windows.

All cars here are the best possible quality, and much time was put into each. If a car was given to me by a third party their name will be placed in the author's position with a link to their e-mail.
These cars are for private use only, please do not post them on any onther message boards or pages, thank you.

1997 Winston Cup Cars
Name Sponsor Author
Mike Skinner #31 Lowe's Alex Santantonio
Rusty Wallace #2 Miller Lite Patrick Gilmore
Misc details by Alex Santantonio
Robert Pressley #29 Cartoon Network
Chuck Brennan
Ken Schrader #33 Skoal Bandit Alex Santantonio
Steve Grissom #41 Kodiak Alex Santantonio

1996 Winston Cup Cars
Name Sponsor Author
Rusty Wallace #2 Miller Alex Santantonio
Kyle Petty #42 Coors Light Alex Santantonio
Robert Pressley #33 Skoal Bandit Alex Santantonio
Ricky Craven #41 Kodiak Alex Santantonio

Special Edition Winston Cup Cars
Name Sponsor Author
Dale Earnhardt #3 Silver Anniversary Car Alex Santantonio
Dale Earnhardt #3 Olympic Car Alex Santantonio
Dale Earnhardt #3 AC Delco Alex Santantonio
Ken Schrader #25 Olympic Bud Original Bud Car by IWCC
Olympic details by Alex Santantonio
Bill Elliot #94 McDonalds Monopoly Alex Santantonio

1996 Busch Grand National Cars
Name Sponsor Author
Kenny Wallace #8 Red Dog Micheal Parrish
small details by Alex Santantonio

Days Of Thunder Cars
Name Sponsor Author
Rowdy Burns #51 Exxon
Days Of Thunder
Alex Santantonio
ColeTrickle #46 City Chevrolet
Days Of Thunder
Alex Santantonio

Non Winston Cup Cars
Name Sponsor Author
Steve Ramirez #44 Always Coca Cola Steve Ramirez