NASCAR Utilities Page

*NEW* NASCAR 2 Utilities *NEW*

*NEW* NASCAR 2 Palette fix - (19k) - Alex Santantonio

There has been a problem with the palette when impoting new pcx files into NASCAR 2. There are certain colors that exist in the exported cars palette, but when imported, these colors are clear, but appear as white. In this palette the transparent colors are represented by a bright pink, and a deep blue. First open the file called pal.pcx and save the palette as NASCAR2.pal. If using Paintshop Pro or another program that can match palettes just copy the main car box from the pcx file, and paste it as a new image. Load NASCAR2.pal to this image, and copy it back onto the untainted pcx file. Save it in the NASCAR2 directory under the correct car.pcx file name of the driver you would like it to represent. Start NASCAR 2 and import the new file, this should work, it does for me.

*NEW* NASCAR 2 Demo - (8meg) - Papyrus

This is the Demo of the long awaited sequal to the most popular racing simulation of all time. It is 8 meg, but well worth the download time.

*NEW* NASCAR 2 Demo Editor - (43k) - Neil Jedrzejewski

This utility enables damage, random breakdowns, and yellow flags in the NASCAR 2 demo.

*NEW* Dover AI patch - (52k) - Tom Hanson

This utility fixes the awful AI performance at Dover. This comes from the creator of the Talladega AI patch

*NEW* NASCAR 1 to NASCAR 2 setup converter - (38k) - David Sparks

This utility converts your NASCAR 1 setups for use in NASCAR 2. Some additional tweaking may be necessary.

*NEW* 686 Cyrix chip to Intel - (19k) - Pedro Correia

This utility allows 686 Cyrix users to run NASCAR 2. Just run this program before running NASCAR 2

*NEW* NASCAR 2 mirrors fix - (17k) - Chris Mans and Papyrus

If you dislike the mirrors in NASCAR 2 you can easily fix them with these instructions.

*NEW* NASCAR 2 season editor - (87k) - Michael C. Patrick

Now you can edit your NASCAR 2 season to reflect the any other season.

NASCAR 1 Utilities

The New Hawaii multiplayer beta - Papyrus

Well this is it, what we have all been waiting for, the ability to race against other human drivers. Papyrus, along with Sierra are testing their new multiplayer racing network, and you can be part of the test. This network is great, I have been racing on it since it came out, and it is the best thing that has happened to the sim since it's release, and the Brickyard conversion patch.

The Nascar version 1.21 update - Papyrus

This update fixes modem bugs, track bugs, AI, and more realistic damage. This patch is also necessary when runnning Hawaii.

The Nascar Demo - Papyrus

This is for those of you who don't happen to have the best racing simulator on the market and want to see what it is like. This demo only has one of the tracks, but it is Talladega, the most widley raced track on Hawaii.

The Brickyard 400 conversion patch - (116k) - Gerhard Lingenberg

This is for those of you who have the Indianapolis Motor Speedway expansion pack for Indy Car 1. Now you can rub paint with the best of NASCAR at the Brickyard. In the original it was only available in low-res mode, but thanks to the author of the patch, Gerhard Lingenberg, we are able to run it in high-res mode. The graphics are very good.

The Arrowhead Speedway dirt oval conversion patch - (32k) - Alex Santantonio

This is for those of you who want to race on a dirt track in NASCAR Racing. This patch converts the concrete surface on my Arrowhead Speedway track to dirt. Included is a new track text file to alter the handling. If you need Arrowhead speedway just click here.

The Arrowhead Speedway nightime dirt oval conversion patch - (1.5k) - Alex Santantonio

This patch allows you to convert Arrowhead Speedway into a nightime dirt track feature. I change the PAL.DAT file from the dirt patch to turn Arrowhead into an night race. Arrowhead is always a night race when you use this patch. You must also have the dirt patch to run this properly. If you need Arrowhead speedway just click here.

The Unocal 76 Ball patch - (30k) - Alex Santantonio

This patch allows you to change the generic 65 ball in the NASCAR Racing game to the official 76 ball that is tradition in NASCAR Racing. Pack and Unpack utilities from Corey's Race Simulator Track Editor Project.

Indy Car 2 tracks to NASCAR - (523k) - Gerhard Lingenberg

Are you sick of running the same tracks over and over again in your NASCAR sim? Well if you have Indy Car 2 those days are over with now. This patch allows you to run your NASCAR on all of the Indy Car tracks.

*NEW* Dover concrete patch - (167k) - Neil Jedrzejewski & Tom Hansen

Recently the Dover track was resurfaced with concrete replacing the old asphalt surface. The original patch changed the color of the track, from black to gray, but that included the pit lane and apron too. The new patch only changes the color of the track itself. Although the color is changed the traction is not, therefore the track.txt is still NASCAR legal.

*NEW* Talladega AI patch - (87k) courtesy of The Pits - Tom Hansen

This patch was created for the daytona patch that was supposed to be put out by the pits, but due to legal problems, it never materialized. This patch allows the computer cars to run faster and with more agression, therefore more passing. This patch is already installed on USA SPEEDWAY.

NASCAR night racing patch - (17k) - Rich Nagel

Do you love racing the night races? Do you wish all of the tracks were available for an occasional night race? Well now they can be. With this patch you can race at any track during the evening hours. Even though not all tracks have lights. I guess there must be a full moon.

NASCAR replay editor - (140k) - Micheal Corrigan

This is version 3 of a good utility for editing replays from the NASCAR sim. This is the most recent version and all of the bugs are worked out now.

Driver editor for NASCAR - (79k) - Chris Mahnken

Having trouble keeping track of your various drivers in each car set. Well this utility allows you to edit your Drivers2.txt files in the specified car set and make all of the drivers as strong or weak as you would like. If you want why not lower Dale's aggressiveness about 200 points, that should calm him down.

Cross weight calculator for NASCAR - (20k) - Author Unknown

Having trouble with cross weight distribution, put this small utility to work for you and it will all fall into place. It is like having a mechanic in windows.

Hawaii setups for NASCAR - (20k) - The Pits

I have seen several requests for good setups for racing on Hawaii. While looking around on the internet I found this at The US Pits. I tried them out and found them all to work up near the front of the field every time.