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Blueclipse28 - 6/26/2009  


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This has been something that we have always tried to maintain and is always hard for us to squash all the problems, the right way, without upsetting people. Unfortunately, people are not always going to agree on the same thing. Deliberation on this site is a great freedom we have in the forums. This is a racing site and i am making that clear, once again. Topics that are entered into the forum, from this day forward, will only be race related topics. That is what the forum is intended for and because other sites may be more lenient, they have that right. Heated discussions here always seem to stem from topics that are not race relevant and because of this i have made the decision to post this message for all to read. When we read through the forums, we are going to ask ourselves one question. "Does it have anything to do with racing?". If yes, it stays.. if no, it goes. Simple. This goes for everyone, no one is excluded for reasons like seniority on the site or because, this person knows this person. It doesn't matter how sensitive the topic is. If its not race relevant then it goes. You guys want a stricter forum, you are going to get it. The admins are all aware as i have sent them the same message and i am sure they will read it on the page every time they come here just like you all do. So if you misuse the right to post in the forums you will get banned for a set period of days. There isn't an admin that eyeballs the forums every second of the day and because there are only a few of us, things get missed. Also, do not leave personal threads or non related threads with a little bit of racing relevant stuff. If it looks like your main purpose of the thread is non racing relevant, it will get deleted. You can leave threads in the forum if you are going to be away from the community for a while or not going to be able to paint until a certain time. Threads are not a personal messaging system. Please do not leave messages in the forums saying to ban this person or to ban another person. That's our job. If an issue occurs send one of us a message with a link to the forum and one of us will go over the forum and weed out problematic people. If the entire thread is off topic and there is nothing but name calling and pointing of fingers, the entire thread will be deleted. I went through the MJ thread for 30 minutes trying to figure out who was right and who was wrong. Once i filtered out inappropriate messages, the thread was practically gone. I got so sick of the MJ situation and just decided to delete it and rethink the entire forum issue and came up with this. If you got banned, sorry.. come back in a few days and start over and enjoy your stay or come back and start a thread about how your urinated that you got banned and you will be banned again. I haven't been active around here for the past month or so because my computer went down. I am back now and it makes me happy to keep you all happy, so lets work together on this. Admins make the decisions around here, send us a message with the problem and we will take care of it, don't make your self look like an ass because your adrenaline is through the roof with anger. I have learned this. ;)
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