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Username: AC_Delco
First Name: Adam C. Last Name: Delco
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uploaded files
Requested Number - Kyle Busch #92 Zippo Blu Layered - 92.rar 1464 downloads
AC_Delco - 4/10/2014 - 6 User Comments - 958.9 kb  
All Credit to me, Made in Photoshop. The number is 7000x5600 at 800dpi. It's larger and higher resolution than the real roof number
NR2003 6-Disc BluRay Case Art - NR2012_BluRay_Cover.zip 1957 downloads
AC_Delco - 7/10/2011 - 12 User Comments - 4,338.7 kb  
I don''t know if anyone will want this but my friend said I should post it anyway. I had the game disc and so many Updates, Add-on''s, Tracks, Carsets, Utilities and Mods, that I burned them all to discs to back them up. I bought a 6-disc BluRay case to store them all but the case seemed boring, so I made some cover art for it. Even put a spot on the back to write your CD Key. Just print this out at: 11 inches by 5 inches. Credits: Everything by me and Google.
My NNRSC - Burkhart Dental Supply Chevy - Cup11s - burkhart.zip 1830 downloads
AC_Delco - 5/24/2011 - 3 User Comments - 4,233.6 kb  
Recreated Base by me (however the case I copied base that was for a CoY, credit to whomever made the original), Burkhart Logo by my friend Sarah, PLC logo by me, Number by me, Misc logos by Google, Pitcrew Template by Swiss, Render by Lurn2Burn
My NNR Offline Car #21 ACDelco *Updated* - 21_ACDelco_nnr.cup.zip 1788 downloads
AC_Delco - 7/9/2009 - 1 User Comments - 2,191.7 kb  
Credit to Masgrafx for base, contig's, ACDelco logo and all other logos from Google Image.
2005 Oh Boy! Oberto Dodge Charger - 05_Oberto.cup.zip 2001 downloads
AC_Delco - 1/21/2005 - 2 User Comments - 1,245.9 kb  
I haven't uploaded anything in almost 2 years, mostly because I forgot my password. But I digress, I put this together a few days ago and I think it looks pretty good. The temp is an amalgam of Zone15's and violentj624's Charger temps, Most of the logos I pulled from Google, Mas Graphics contigs, RSC for both bases I used. Lisa48 for the render. Comes with car and pitcrew. It's a fantasy car, so i doubt it will get many downlaods.
NR2003 - Days of Thunder #46 City Chevrolet - 46_c_trickle.ZIP 3085 downloads
AC_Delco - 2/10/2003 - 2 User Comments - 449.0 kb  
This isn't one of those resized temps from another game. I re-did all of the logos and numbers in Freehand 10. This car is all mine, except for the temp; that's Brian Simpsons. If you guys like it too, maybe I'll do the rest of the Days of Thunder cars for NR2003. Tell me what ya think.
NR02 Hi-Res 2003 Tabasco Chevy - tabasco.zip 2012 downloads
AC_Delco - 11/3/2002 - 5 User Comments - 449.7 kb  
Tis the way with silly season, lol, my Coca-Cola sponsorship fell through. Darn it to heck. :-P Good thing I had Tabasco on the other line.
Contingency Sponsor Sheet - PSD - Contingency.zip 2306 downloads
AC_Delco - 10/4/2002 - 1 User Comments - 90.0 kb  
Someone PMed me on CrapuServe and asked me to put a contingency sheet together and e-mail it to him. I said that would be no problem; Well he gave me a bum e-mail and this is a good sheet so I might as well post it. It's in layered alphabetical PSD format, for easy use. :)
4x4 Evo - Dale Earnhardt #3 Goodwrench stockcar - 4x4dale.ZIP 1898 downloads
AC_Delco - 8/15/2002 - 3 User Comments - 144.1 kb  
Took me 3 days to paint this. Because of the RAW file format, I had to use Photoshop and MS Paint.
Requested PSD Gatorade logo decal - 930x680 - gatorade.zip 2137 downloads
AC_Delco - 6/1/2002 - 3 User Comments - 152.3 kb  
aldos requested this in the forum. This is the Gatorade Logo, PSD file with transparent background. It's 930x680 @ 72dpi, with 668 colors. This is the same logo I created, and used, to make my Gatorade car: Download Here
NR2002 - Coca-Cola Racing Family 600 Menu Screen - main.zip 2115 downloads
AC_Delco - 6/1/2002 - 3 User Comments - 1,443.5 kb  
This is such a cool shot, I thought it would make a great menu screen
N4 - #13 Coca-Cola Chevy - coke.zip 2056 downloads
AC_Delco - 5/12/2002 - 2 User Comments - 361.2 kb  
This is my Busch car, the #13 Coca-Cola Chevy.
NR02 Replay - Going behind the wall for repairs - behindthewall.zip 2051 downloads
AC_Delco - 5/1/2002 - 3 User Comments - 33.8 kb  
It's probably not new and some of you have seen the patch, but I thought it was kinda cool; I crashed and pulled behind the wall and into my garage stall for repairs. TV2 is the best angle.
NR02 - Dale Jr. 1999 AC Delco Chevy - 1 of 7 - 99_delco.zip 2286 downloads
AC_Delco - 4/25/2002 - 7 User Comments - 613.9 kb  
This is the first Dale Jr. Busch Grand National car in a series of seven cars. (1) 1999 #3 AC Delco, (2) #31 Wrangler, (3) #31 White Sikkens, (4) #3 AC Delco Superman (5) #31 Gargoyles, (6) #31 Blue Sikkens, (7) 1998 AC Delco. What do you think of the first car?
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