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since 6.4.1996

Username: taz2018
First Name: Earl Last Name: Jackson
E-mail: taz20_18@yahoo.com
ICQ: Location: Franklin, PA
Hobbies: Collecting Die-Cast 1/64 scale Cars Web Page: www.jackson58.net
uploaded files
Fictional #14 Navy Seals Dodge(BRCOT) - 14navyseals.tga 1014 downloads
taz2018 - 5/3/2011 - 0 User Comments - 722.8 kb  
This is for the OLD BR COT mod. I made this for my league race this weekend. Tribute to the US Navy Seals(Hoo-Rah). Myself being in the Navy my entire 4 car team with have an americna paint scheme. Credits-SRD, RPD, NNRacing, Google if I missed you I apologize and please take credit for it.
Updated Nascar Racing 2011 Season Mainback Shootout Finish - shootoutfinish.stp 1191 downloads
taz2018 - 2/19/2011 - 4 User Comments - 446.0 kb  
Threw this together real quick with WinMip. Credit to shane for the template and motorsport.com for the picture. Place in your C:/papyrus/Nascar Racing 2003 Season/series/ANYCUPMODHERE folder.
#3 Goodwrench/Wrangler Dale Earnhardt Jr Fictional - 3wrangler2012a.cup.car 836 downloads
taz2018 - 2/13/2011 - 2 User Comments - 297.4 kb  
Made this up for my league. A Dale Jr tribute to his father. Credits: masgrafx, Lurn2Burn, Google, Muddslide, Deadpool.
Dale Jr Wrangler/Goodwrench Fictional - 3wrangler2012a.cup.car 1475 downloads
taz2018 - 2/13/2011 - 1 User Comments - 297.4 kb  
Made this up for my league. A Dale Jr tribute to his father. Credits: masgrafx, SRD, Google, Muddslide, Deadpool.
#14 Tony Stewart 2011 Fictional - 14armorall.cup.car 881 downloads
taz2018 - 5/10/2010 - 1 User Comments - 1,594.3 kb  
Here is what i think Tonys car could be. not sure I like the Armor All Orange in there but o well. Credits: BCR, RPD, Masgrafx, SRD, Tenor, Bullring EDIT: I made the orange White instead
#58 Armor All Chevy SS.Net CoT(Fict.) - 58offlineracing.cup.car 814 downloads
taz2018 - 9/7/2009 - 0 User Comments - 357.1 kb  
Here is a #58 Armor All Chevy I made for my personal offline ride. Crdits: Deadpool, Masgrafx, Google, SRD. If I forgot someone take the credit for it I apologize.
Cherry Dr. Pepper - 58cherrypepper.cup.car 804 downloads
taz2018 - 4/19/2009 - 3 User Comments - 312.2 kb  
Made this car last night for my league. Base from Deadpool, Cherry Pepper logo from google, Navy logo from masgrafx, mopar from not sure, side contigs from rubbins racing, fender contigs from TRG. If I missed ya credit goes to you.
Super Bowl XLIII car - SBXLIII car.tga 803 downloads
taz2018 - 1/19/2009 - 4 User Comments - 515.3 kb  
I decided last night to do this car. Steelers on one side, cards on the other. I used the actual numbers from Troy Polamalus jersey and from Larry Fitzgeralds. Car is a .tga file. Sorry for the crappy screenshot. only way I know how to do it. *CREDITS* Deadpool for contigs and base scheme, Google for all the nfl logos, and SRD for the Template
#58 Checker Auto Parts Dodge Charger *1st car* - Checker Charger.cup.car 925 downloads
taz2018 - 3/30/2006 - 9 User Comments - 358.3 kb  
Base by Mayo Racing designs, B-Pillar logos from Dry Kill Logic, ALl the other logos from Lanzock and MiG Alley, and HRT. This is my first actual car aside from the ones that I altered. O yes and the numbers I got off of RuRa. Thanks to all. PLease leave a comment
#58 Coors Light chevy - 58.cup.car 928 downloads
taz2018 - 9/15/2002 - 2 User Comments - 107.3 kb  
Here is my Coors Light Chevy
My #58 Pepsi car*updated* - #58 American.cup.car 918 downloads
taz2018 - 9/15/2002 - 0 User Comments - 107.9 kb  
Here is my Pepsi Chevy. I updated it w/ more sponsers including the *let's roll* decals on the hood
Here is the #20 Home Depot/Coors Light alt. Download this one it has the pic - #20 alt..cup.car 884 downloads
taz2018 - 9/7/2002 - 2 User Comments - 99.1 kb  
You can download this car to I have included a pic this time. It also has the car
#20 Alt. Coors Light/Home Depot - #20 alt..cup.car 978 downloads
taz2018 - 9/7/2002 - 1 User Comments - 99.1 kb  
This is the Tony Stewart that I posted a while ago except I took off Menards once I learned that Menards was a Home Improvement warehouse like Home Depot. I put Coors Light on it instead!! Comments good or bad
#58 American/Pepsi car Please look my first ever car - #58 American.cup.car 938 downloads
taz2018 - 9/7/2002 - 2 User Comments - 105.6 kb  
This is my 1st ever car except for the U.S. themed template of course which I got in the File library. Thanks to B. Simpson for the temp. Comments need wether good or Bad dont care.
#20 Homedepot?Menards alt. - #20 alt.(58 men.cup.car 950 downloads
taz2018 - 8/22/2002 - 2 User Comments - 99.5 kb  
Here is the #20 alt. to my #58 car posted below. Hope you guys like this one. I only did the #20 all of the other stuff credit goes to dan_t_78. Thanks and hope ya'll like it taz2018 :-)
#58 Menards/Home Depot(online ride) - 58.cup.car 972 downloads
taz2018 - 8/22/2002 - 3 User Comments - 105.8 kb  
This is the car that I drive online. If any one wants my other one I will post a pic in the forums. Thanks and hope that you like it
#58 League car - 58pontiac.tga 955 downloads
taz2018 - 5/23/2002 - 1 User Comments - 259.6 kb  
This is my league car as I didnt paint it Dan_T did it 4 me. I hope that this gets good downloads as i dont post very often. Thanks taz
#29 Alt./sponser - 29.tga 955 downloads
taz2018 - 5/9/2002 - 0 User Comments - 267.4 kb  
This is Kevin Harvicks 02 car with Gm goodwrench gone and I put Amoco and Advance Auto parts as the sponser. sorry have no clue how to put a pic on any help would be greatly accepted
Jeff Gordon after tally car (fic) - 24 piece o junk.tga 1055 downloads
taz2018 - 5/8/2002 - 1 User Comments - 275.2 kb  
I was just messing around in PSP 7 and since i dont like Gordon I decided to make a car that looks like he cut a right front tire and he had major damage on the right side!!! please leave comments let me know what you think?
My #86 Shell/Small Soldiers car - tony.tga 961 downloads
taz2018 - 5/8/2002 - 0 User Comments - 114.4 kb  
This is just Tony's regular #44 Shell car that I dowloaded from here. Sorry I dony remember who I downloaded it from but if you would please leave a comment for credit please go ahead and do so!! I have no clue how to get the stripes back behind the #'s any help would be appreciated
Kerry Earnhardts(81) Nasty flip - Kerry Earnhardts Scary wreck.rpy 1012 downloads
taz2018 - 5/5/2002 - 0 User Comments - 954.1 kb  
This is Kerry Earnhardts Nasty looking flip thankfully it isnt real please leave comments
Weird flips over fence *repost* - Mike Skinners Fun ride.rpy 982 downloads
taz2018 - 5/3/2002 - 1 User Comments - 198.0 kb  
This is just a repost with a pic
Weird Flips over fence - Mike Skinners Fun ride.rpy 1033 downloads
taz2018 - 5/2/2002 - 2 User Comments - 198.0 kb  
This is Mike Skinners weird looking flip that I had happen when I finshed 7th with Tony at Tona!!1 This is very very freaky
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