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Jersey Devil
Username: Jersey Devil
First Name: Fred Last Name: C
E-mail: laierfc@comcast.net
ICQ: Location: Vineland, NJ
Hobbies: Rooting for Martin Truex Jr. and chillin' Web Page:
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#8 Rockstar Energy Chevrolet - 35_rockstar.cup.car 590 downloads
Jersey Devil - 8/12/2012 - 0 User Comments - 175.2 kb  
Getting back into painting with my personal ride for the in-game mod. All logos taken from Google images.
Fictional 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup schedule - 2012_fantasy_NSCS.ini 951 downloads
Jersey Devil - 5/8/2011 - 0 User Comments - 1.7 kb  
I'm at it again! This time, I wondered what if I were in charge of making the schedule for 2012. Consequently, this is what I came up with. First of all, there are 35 races because I cannot count....lol. A few changes I made to the current schedule include the July race at Daytona being moved to the road course, and the 10-race Chase begins with the Southern 500. Enjoy, and comments please.
Red Bull Gold Cup fictional schedule - gold_cup.ini 897 downloads
Jersey Devil - 1/26/2011 - 0 User Comments - 1.1 kb  
I made this fictional schedule earlier this week out of boredom. All of the major NASCAR races are included, plus many of the other major races from around the world. Just drop this file into your seasons folder into your desired mod, and off you go.
2009 Fictional Gold Cup Schedule - gold_cup.ini 940 downloads
Jersey Devil - 8/6/2009 - 0 User Comments - 1.2 kb  
I made this up last November. It is a 24-race season with what I think is the right mix of ovals and road courses.
Another Cheesemaster classic? - CheeseTube.zip 1305 downloads
Jersey Devil - 3/15/2009 - 2 User Comments - 1,305.9 kb  
I don't normally like to bump one of my uploads off the front page for a newer upload, but this is a special exception! These are a few burnout replays for Cheesemaster's video. The track is the in-game Lowe's.
The air acts funny at 255 mph - tally87eoe.rpy 985 downloads
Jersey Devil - 3/15/2009 - 2 User Comments - 1,681.9 kb  
I wasn't trying to go out and make a replay for cheesemaster's YouTube video if he's still taking submissions, but it just worked out that way. The track is Tally70-80, and the carset is masgrafx 20004.
My second replay for Cheesemaster's YouTube video - cheesemaster2.rpy 930 downloads
Jersey Devil - 3/4/2009 - 2 User Comments - 1,585.3 kb  
track: Talladega 70-80. Mod: Cup90_gns.
My first replay for Cheesemaster's YouTube video - cheesemaster1.rpy 963 downloads
Jersey Devil - 3/1/2009 - 0 User Comments - 1,421.1 kb  
track is Tally70-80. carset is masgrafx's 2004 hi-res.
#61 Wikipedia/Rhapsody Ponitac - wiki61car.tga 968 downloads
Jersey Devil - 1/1/2009 - 6 User Comments - 146.5 kb  
another interesting mix of sponsors for another of my in-game paint creations. I am going to paint a whole 43 carset of these cars. I may take requests soon. Logos from Google image search.
#22 Visa Pontiac - visa22.tga 958 downloads
Jersey Devil - 12/22/2008 - 4 User Comments - 129.0 kb  
You all know the drill.
#71 Capital One car - cap1car.tga 962 downloads
Jersey Devil - 12/21/2008 - 0 User Comments - 126.0 kb  
Painted in-game. Base and #s by me. Old Spice and Capital One logos-Google images.
The most interesting man in the world... - 99car.tga 989 downloads
Jersey Devil - 12/17/2008 - 0 User Comments - 152.3 kb  
Another car for the game's default Cup mod. A weird mix of sponsors I know. Dos Equus logo from a Google image search, Friend-O-Rama logo from the website, and numbers from Lanzock. Base by me. Leave comments please.
#85 The Great American Cookie Co. - cookie85.tga 938 downloads
Jersey Devil - 12/14/2008 - 4 User Comments - 143.8 kb  
I haven't seen a car with this sponsor, so I thought I'd make one. Base by me, logos by Google. Done entirely in-game, so it isn't the best. Leave comments. Thx.
1990 mod Daytona 500 DoT-style finish - 500end.rpy 968 downloads
Jersey Devil - 11/30/2008 - 2 User Comments - 209.4 kb  
this is my first post in a long while since I finally got my tga files to convert to jpegs on my laptop. lol. Remember at the end of Days of Thunder when Rowdy Burns lost the Daytona 500 on a slingshot move after leading every lap? This is just like that, except now the victim is none other than Cole Trickle. You only need the 1990mod and the "Daytona_2006" track folder to have the replay work.
Virginia Tech Memorial Car - vt041607.cup.car 1049 downloads
Jersey Devil - 4/17/2007 - 1 User Comments - 164.4 kb  
This is my way of dealing with the senseless tradegy, so please don't bash the car. Va. Tech logo courtesy of Google and modified by me.
Daytona 500 replay -- UNBELIEVABLE FINISH - an amazing finish.rpy 1243 downloads
Jersey Devil - 2/20/2007 - 1 User Comments - 293.1 kb  
I raced a few friends of mine offline in the Daytona 500. The reason I chose to race on The Bud Shootout SAFER barrier track was because, unlike the other Daytona 500 track I have, this one runs under the lights. Hope you all enjoy!
Mikey's rolling wreck - 2006_55_500hh.cup.car 1027 downloads
Jersey Devil - 2/17/2007 - 1 User Comments - 143.0 kb  
Saw this requested in the forum and decided to take a stab at it. I had that one picture from the forum to go off of, so it may not be "100% perfect".
1967 GPL schedule for the GN1970 mod - gpl1967.ini 1074 downloads
Jersey Devil - 2/9/2007 - 0 User Comments - 0.6 kb  
Accurate schedule from the 1967 formula one season for the GN1970 mod
Requested 1997 Busch Grand National schedule - 1997bgn.ini 1601 downloads
Jersey Devil - 1/25/2007 - 3 User Comments - 1.1 kb  
Requested by sorenmoon41. This was the year that Randy LaJoie won the second of his back-to-back championships on the strength of five victories, fifteen top five finishes, twenty-one top ten finishes, and only one DNF. This was the year that also signaled the beginning of the end of the golden age of Busch series racing, as "Buschwhackers" won 14 of the season's 30 events, with Mark Matin leading the way with a series leading six wins.
"Oh s**t...this ain't good" - last_lap_wreck.rpy 1227 downloads
Jersey Devil - 12/9/2006 - 2 User Comments - 536.4 kb  
Why am I flying through the air like this? Click to find out.
2006 Chase for the Cup recap - chase2006.txt 1249 downloads
Jersey Devil - 11/20/2006 - 0 User Comments - 11.0 kb  
A recap of all chase races 1-10.
1970 SCCA Trans-Am series schedule - 1970TransAm.ini 1141 downloads
Jersey Devil - 10/25/2006 - 3 User Comments - 0.7 kb  
Intended for use with either the GN1970 mod or the PTA mod. This is as accurate as I could get it. They ran an event at Brainerd, Minnesota in August of that season, but I could not include the track due to the fact that could not find it anywhere. They also scheduled an event in Dallas in April. but cancelled it due to a downpour.
2006 Chase to the Cup race schedule - chase10_2006.ini 1167 downloads
Jersey Devil - 9/9/2006 - 2 User Comments - 0.8 kb  
2006 Chase to the Cup race schedule
1999 Busch Grand National schedule - 1999bgn.ini 2174 downloads
Jersey Devil - 8/14/2006 - 0 User Comments - 1.4 kb  
To go along with the 1999 BGN set that -Yoohoo- is currently working on. Just put in your GNS series folder and enjoy!
Fictional PTA 2007 season schedule - 2007season_pta.ini 1232 downloads
Jersey Devil - 6/26/2006 - 2 User Comments - 1.0 kb  
Another fictional road racing season schedule for 2007.
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