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Username: DaleTona75
First Name: Ian Last Name: White
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uploaded files
(cup98) 1998 Ward Burton MBNA Platinum - TPG9822WB.cup.7z 515 downloads
DaleTona75 - 12/10/2018 - 0 User Comments - 1,216.1 kb  
Here is the MBNA Platinum car ran by Ward Burton multiple times throughout the season. Credits: Template:S&G Number:BER Logos:Google/Me Singature: Me Render: garrett1127
(Cup98) Robert Pressley Jasper Ford Taurus - TPG9877RP.cup.7z 551 downloads
DaleTona75 - 12/7/2018 - 1 User Comments - 872.4 kb  
I noticed that the Cup98 mod lacks a #77 Ford Taurus, so I made one :) Credits: Template: S&G Number: BER Logos: Stunod/Google/Me Signature: Me Render: garrett1124
1998 Darell Waltrip Pennzoil(Cup98) - TPG981DW.cup.7z 522 downloads
DaleTona75 - 12/7/2018 - 1 User Comments - 854.3 kb  
This is the car that Darrell Waltrip drove while he filled in for Steve Park Credits: Template: S&G Number: BER Logos: Stunod/Google Signiture: Google Render: garrett1127
Steve Park 1998 Indianapolis Reverse(Cup98) - TPG981SPb.cup.7z 521 downloads
DaleTona75 - 12/7/2018 - 1 User Comments - 836.5 kb  
Here is Steve Park's #1 Pennzoil Reverse Scheme from his return to racing at Indianapolis, after a brutal practice wreck in Atlanta qualifying. Credits Template: S&G Numbers: BER Logos: Stunod/Google Render: Garrett1127
1996 Lincoln Mark VIII Layers - Lincoln96 Layers.psd 671 downloads
DaleTona75 - 11/11/2017 - 0 User Comments - 561.7 kb  
Hello, this is my first upload. I was inspired by a Lincoln Mark template for the Cup2000 mod, So I wondered, "What is stopping me from making a Lincoln Mark for the new Cup98 mod?" I know that others can do a lot better job than I can, but at least we have one right? NOTE: This is NOT a full template, just the Lincoln exclusive layers that I created/modified. These layers are 2048x2048 Apply layers on SnG Graphics Cup98 For Thunderbird Template *Please Give Credit if used!
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