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#19 Fictional Discord Chevrolet (Original Cup) - discord19fict.cup.zip 98 downloads
lumbud84 - 2/18/2019 - 1 User Comments - 343.8 kb  
Number by me, logos from Wikipedia and GitHub. Feedback is appreciated.
Fictional #85 Quintux Fuels Monte Carlo (Original Cup) - 85quintux.cup.zip 175 downloads
lumbud84 - 7/26/2018 - 1 User Comments - 1,719.5 kb  
Since I've had this game for a few years now, I decided to port an old car I made in the in-game paint shop from my old laptop to my new desktop PC. I then proceeded to completely remaster the car in Paint.net, and the finished product is now available for download. The picture is a comparison between the old and new car. The download comes with 2 variations, the only difference being a different color for the number. Credits: Template was released with NR2003, Base was made by me from scratch, Fictional logo was also made from scratch, Contingencies were copied from another car's .tga file (who's owner I do not know the name of since the car was from 2009 or something...). This is my first time uploading a car here so go easy on me.
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