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since 6.4.1996

Username: SmallBurger
First Name: Joey Last Name: Kraus
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NXS17 David Ragan KFC Go Cup Mustang - RaganKFCGo.gns.car 73 downloads
SmallBurger - 2/4/2018 - 0 User Comments - 936.2 kb  
Credits: Template-SRD, Logos-BER,Google, Number-BER, Contigs based off Skyline's (Stunod), base by me Image: https://imgur.com/nLvvPle
SRD NXS17 xfinity showcar - showcar.gns.car 14 downloads
SmallBurger - 2/4/2018 - 0 User Comments - 900.3 kb  
*NOT 100% ACCURATE* Based off the 2017 xfinity showcar. Credits: SRD for the template, Google for the logos, base by me, Number from xfinity, render from TMS Image: https://imgur.com/dGZiGBM
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