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since 6.4.1996

Username: SmallBurger
First Name: Joey Last Name: Kraus
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uploaded files
MENCS18 MAR2 51 Jeb Burton Jacob Companies Camaro - 51_mart2.cup.car 652 downloads
SmallBurger - 1/1/2019 - 1 User Comments - 1,594.3 kb  
Jeb Burton's Jacob Companies Camaro from MAR2. Credits: Render-TMS, Logos- Google/me, (horrible) base-Me, Number-BER, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor.
MENCS18 KAN2 51 BJ McLeod Jacob Companies Camaro - 51_kansas2.cup.car 517 downloads
SmallBurger - 1/1/2019 - 0 User Comments - 1,594.1 kb  
BJ McLeod's Jacob Companies Camaro from KAN2. Credits: Render-TMS, Logos-Google/me, Number-BER, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor.
NXS18 Cassill Roval #13 Unsponsored Dodge - 13cassillroval.gns.car 461 downloads
SmallBurger - 11/3/2018 - 0 User Comments - 1,437.5 kb  
Here's my replica of Landon Cassill's 2018 #13 NXS Roval MBM Motorsports Dodge Credits: Render-TMS, Logo-Google, Number-BER, Template-SRD, Contigs-Raptor, Base- me, Banner-SGD, pitbox-Games123.
2018 Joey Gase #23 ASC Agri Supply Throwback Toyota (DARL) - 23gasetb2018.cup.car 746 downloads
SmallBurger - 9/19/2018 - 3 User Comments - 911.7 kb  
My attempt to recreate Joey Gase's 2018 Darlington Throwback to his dad. This car is mostly 95% accurate as I didn't find the name rail, the names on the back, some exact variations of some logos, and the exact number. Everything else should be accurate. Credits: Render-TMS, Logos-Google with some edits by me, Number-BER w/ edits, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor,b-post-somewhat from Fosterick.
2018 Jeffrey Earnhardt #96 American Soldier Network (LVS2) - 96vegas2.cup.car 675 downloads
SmallBurger - 9/18/2018 - 1 User Comments - 1,083.5 kb  
My attempt at re-creating Jeffrey Earnhardt's #96 American Soldier Network Camry from Las Vegas 2. It is probably inaccurate due to the lack of images actually showing a base, unless there isn't one. Credits: Render-TMS, Logos-Google, Number-BER w/ edits, Template-SnG, Contigs-Raptor,b-post-mostly from Fosterick. *Note: After rendering, I noticed that I had forgotten the hashtag on the C-post. That detail has now been added.*
NXS17 #61 Kiklos/itcoalition Mustang - 2018 - CHI - 61GralaCHI1.gns.car 605 downloads
SmallBurger - 7/11/2018 - 1 User Comments - 2,018.6 kb  
Comes with a pit crew, unrated. My first attempt to recreate a car. Credits: Renders-TMS, Number-BER, Template-SDG, Contigs-Raptor/SDG, Base-Me, Logos-SDG,Google.
2017 #29 Chase Briscoe Penske Throwback Fictional - 29penskethrowba.cts.car.zip 545 downloads
SmallBurger - 3/22/2018 - 0 User Comments - 968.8 kb  
Credits- Number:BER, Logos: Found using Google, Template: Team Om3egA, Contigs: Team Om3egA/Alan Harkleroad, Base: Me, Render: TMS
MENCS18 #6 Trevor Bayne Fictional Throwback - 6tbthrowback.cup.car 591 downloads
SmallBurger - 3/22/2018 - 0 User Comments - 1,045.7 kb  
Based off Mark Martin's 1998 All-Star car. Car is rated. Credits- Number: BER, Logos: Found using Google, Template: S&G, Contigs: S&G/Alan Harkleroad, Base: Me, Render: TMS
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