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Username: Hubka87
First Name: Chris Last Name: Hubka
E-mail: chubka@crawfordelectricsupply.com
ICQ: Location: Texas
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uploaded files
Fictional Jimmie Johnson 2019 - New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip 205 downloads
Hubka87 - 8/11/2018 - 2 User Comments - 5,441.7 kb  
Hopefully this picture uploads this time. With Lowes leaving Nascar. Jimmie Needs a new sponsor. Here are 2 fictional rides. Red Bull and Valvoline Credits: Base, images and Template from Splash N Go, numbers from google, contigs from Rick, Render from TMS. Enjoy
Terry Labonte Throwback Gen6 - New Compressed (zipped) Folder.zip 872 downloads
Hubka87 - 5/19/2016 - 4 User Comments - 6,951.4 kb  
Not sure which ride to use for Darlington. Figured you guys could make the choice for me. Its not 100% accurate. But close enough. Base by me, images from google, numbers from Masgrafx, contigs by drinksacko, template from Outlawgamerz, render by Simracingdesign
Req #29 Monster Energy Chevy - Monster29.cup.car 916 downloads
Hubka87 - 9/27/2015 - 1 User Comments - 1,940.0 kb  
Requested by jtlarsh. Base by me and NDG, images from google, number from Masgrafx, b-pillars from DrinkSocko, Template from Outlawgamerz, render from Andi (SRD) Comes with pit crew and driver suit
Updated Fict Terry Labonte - SpookyFrootLoops.tga 905 downloads
Hubka87 - 8/31/2015 - 1 User Comments - 3,004.1 kb  
Updated. Did a little retro terry labonte. Couldnt find all the logos so I decided to do a fictional. Base by me, images, numbers and logos from google, contigs from SRD, b-pillar from drinksacko, Template from Outlawgrafxs, Render from Rogue(Outlawgrafxs)
Fict. #21 Vista Print - VistaPrint.jpg 936 downloads
Hubka87 - 5/3/2015 - 1 User Comments - 1,530.9 kb  
Getting back into painting. Its been awhile. Base by RAH, numbers and images from google, b-pillar from Drinksocko, template from Outlawgamers, render from Andy at SRD. Enjoy. TGA file
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