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since 6.4.1996

Username: NascarizAw3s0m3
First Name: Spencer Last Name: Gilmour
ICQ: Location: North Carolina
Hobbies: Play NR2003 Web Page:
uploaded files
Fictional Darrell Wallace Jr. Toyota Car #54 DMRNWS13 camry - TC_DWJ_54.gns.car 222 downloads
NascarizAw3s0m3 - 7/1/2014 - 5 User Comments - 885.6 kb  
This is a fictional that I made a few days ago and I feel proud of it. Logos: Google Number: Racin Grafix Template and pit box: BER Render: Iceman (rendered by my friend)
Gen6Br Monster Energy 02 - ME_02_2013.cup.car 156 downloads
NascarizAw3s0m3 - 5/11/2013 - 0 User Comments - 705.6 kb  
This is a rendition of a car I made last year, but I made it into a 2013 car for fun. CREDITS: Logos and numbers: SRD Template: Bullring
NWS11 Personal Challengers - #2 Challengers.zip 208 downloads
NascarizAw3s0m3 - 1/12/2013 - 2 User Comments - 1,459.3 kb  
These two cars are my personal favorites, so I decided to share them with you guys Template by SRD. Logos by google and SRD. Render by SRD. EDIT: had no carfiles I fail DX
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