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Username: ryan78
First Name: Ryan Last Name: O'Reilly
ICQ: Location: Toronto, Canada
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#42 Justin Marks - Katerra Construction - 42_J_Marks_Katerra.zip 642 downloads
ryan78 - 5/4/2016 - 1 User Comments - 1,634.4 kb  
This is the car Mark's has driven in a few races this season. Don't worry, the Goodyear logo is visible on the car, just the reflection of the render :) Base by me, logos from google, driver sig by me, numbers from BER, render from Iceman. For the DMR NXS16 ST Camaro. Thanks & Enjoy!
#19 Daniel Suarez - Arris Toyota - 19_D_Suarez_Arris.zip 342 downloads
ryan78 - 5/3/2016 - 0 User Comments - 1,725.3 kb  
This is my take on the 19 Arris Toyota driven by Daniel Suarez. For some reason I really love this scheme, its just so clean! Base by me, Logos and driver sig from google and me, numbers from BER, render from Iceman. For the DMR NXS16 Mod on hte ST Camry. Thanks & Enjoy.
#20 Erik Jones - Hisense Toyota - 20_E_Jones_Hisense.zip 416 downloads
ryan78 - 5/2/2016 - 4 User Comments - 1,493.3 kb  
Erik Jones' Hisense scheme he's run a few times this year. Base my Me, Numbers from BER, Logos and Driver Sig from Google, Render from Iceman. For the DMR NXS16 Mod on the ST Camry. Thanks & Enjoy!
#19 Daniel Suarez - Juniper Networks Toyota - 19_D_Suarez_Juniper.zip 430 downloads
ryan78 - 5/1/2016 - 3 User Comments - 2,442.5 kb  
Hello Everyone. Its been almost two years since I've painted but I'm back to try my hand at a few paints on the new DMR NXS16 Mod. This is Daniel Suarez Juniper Networks car that he has run 4 times this season. I plan on doing a few more cars so keep your eyes peeled! Base by Me, Logos & Driver Sig from google & Me, Numbers from BER and render from Iceman. This is for the DMR NXS16 Mod on the ST Body. Thanks & Enjoy.
#20 Erik Jones - NarcolepsyLink.com Toyota - 20_E_Jones_Narcolink.gns.zip 397 downloads
ryan78 - 8/22/2014 - 2 User Comments - 712.5 kb  
The car Erik Jones drove at Chicagoland a few weeks ago. Everything by me except numbers from BER and Render from Iceman.
#11 Elliot Sadler - Stratasys - 11_E_Sadler_Stratasys.gns.zip 351 downloads
ryan78 - 8/21/2014 - 0 User Comments - 1,170.3 kb  
Elliot's car he ran at Iowa a few weeks back, finished 10th. Base be me, logos from google, numbers from BER, render by iceman! Thanks and Enjoy!
#20 Matt Kenseth - Nyko/Gamestop (Vegas) - 20_M_Kenseth_NykoGS.gns.zip 591 downloads
ryan78 - 3/9/2014 - 1 User Comments - 1,332.2 kb  
Matt Kenseth's Nationwide ride from Las Vegas. For the DMR mod. Numbers from BER, Render from Iceman, everything else by me. I will be posting all of my 2014 Nationwide cars at DMR and occasionally here. Enjoy!
#60 Travis Pastrana - XGames LA - 60_T_Pastrana_XGamesLA.gns.zip 471 downloads
ryan78 - 7/26/2013 - 8 User Comments - 1,060.6 kb  
Pastrana's car for Indy and Iowa. Everything by me except for the logos and render by Iceman. All of my cars are available for download at the DMR paint shop along with many others. If you haven't swung by DMR lately you should check out our new downloads section! Thanks!
#81 Schick Xtreme 3 DMR NNS13 - Schick Cars.zip 519 downloads
ryan78 - 5/24/2013 - 3 User Comments - 1,960.3 kb  
Hey guys, haven't posted in a very long time. In case you didn't already know the DMR NNS13 MOD IS RELEASED!! Go to DMR and download it! Also be sure to check out the paint shop where all of the real NNS schemes will be posted for download. In the meantime, here is my personal car for the DMR NNS13 mod. Includes both a Schick Xtreme 3 and Hydro scheme. If you would like me to add your name and number to the car just pm me and ill update it! Cars are based off of Ryan Truex and J.R Fitzpatrick schemes run in the past! Thanks and Enjoy!
#20 Rockwell Automation NWS11 - 20_RockwellAutom.gns.car 637 downloads
ryan78 - 10/4/2012 - 6 User Comments - 1,040.6 kb  
I've always loved this scheme, was gonna throw it onto the cup car but decided to put it on the NWS11. Based off of Denny Hamlin's scheme from Milwaukee in 07 when he won as a releif driver and Almirola was credited for the win because he started the race. Base: me, Logos from Google, Numbers and Sig from Masgrafx, Render from Dawsonvillebill. 2048 HiRes Enjoy!
#9 Dodge Dealers Charger - 9_Dodge.cup.car 530 downloads
ryan78 - 9/26/2012 - 2 User Comments - 1,165.0 kb  
A fictional I made. Based off of Kasey Kahn'es 2006 Indianapolis scheme with a modern twist. Base from renaultfan, numbers from masgrafx, logos from google and me render from iceman. For the DMR mod!
#18 Michael McDowell - Fedex Express (Montreal) - 18_M_McDowell_Fedex.gns.car 911 downloads
ryan78 - 8/18/2012 - 6 User Comments - 1,042.7 kb  
McDowell's Fedex car from the Montreal Nationwide race! I wish they would bring the cup cars there, the races are awesome! Anyways base by me, numbers from masgrafx, logos from google, me, sig by me, render from DawsonvilleBill. Enjoy! For the NWS11 mod.
#99 Carl Edwards - Geek Squad (Michigan) - 99_C_Edwards_GeekSqd.cup.car 727 downloads
ryan78 - 8/17/2012 - 3 User Comments - 2,436.3 kb  
Carl Edwards Geek Squad/West Coast Customs car that he will race in Michigan. PLEASE check out the paint shop over at DMR where you can find a ton of my paints arranged by car number for ease of download! There are over 40+ special paint schemes avaliable in the Paint Shop so swing on by and check it out! Also, see whats coming next in the "Paint Shop Preview" thread in the paint scheme showroom, Thanks! This will probably be my last Cup12 post here for now. Base by me, numbers and sig from Masgrafx, logos from google, wcc.com, render from iceman!! Enjoy!
#88 Cole Whitt - SPY Optic - Bristol II (NWS) - 88_C_Whitt_SPYoptic.gns.car 766 downloads
ryan78 - 8/15/2012 - 2 User Comments - 1,142.2 kb  
Cole Whitt's car for the bristol night race. Base by me, logos from google, me, numbers from masgrafx, sig by me, render from iceman. Enjoy! For the NWS11 mod!
#43 Aric Almirola - SAIL/VeriFone (Talladega) - 43_A_Almirola_Verfone.zip 593 downloads
ryan78 - 8/9/2012 - 7 User Comments - 3,557.5 kb  
Aric's car from Talladega. I have an announcment to make! For those of you who don't know, I will now be posting all of my work for download on the DMR site (Desmodsracing.com) Denis has agreed to open up the paint-shop so you guys can download my cars. There are cars that will be up for download that you haven't seen or haven't been released yet so be sure to check it out! Thanks to everyone who downloads my work and leaves wonderful comments, its what keeps me going! Thanks! BTW This car comes with both the ST and SS Version.
#18 Denny Hamlin GNC Live Well (CTS09) - 18_D_Hamlin_2012.cts.car 628 downloads
ryan78 - 8/4/2012 - 3 User Comments - 1,874.1 kb  
Denny Hamlin's truck that he ran at Pocono and finished 5th in. Base by me, temps from BCR, logos from google and me, sig and numbers from masgrafx, render from iceman! Enjoy, for the CTS09 mod.
#51 Ty Dillion - Wesco Chevy (Indy) - 51_TDillon.gns.car 801 downloads
ryan78 - 8/2/2012 - 6 User Comments - 1,019.3 kb  
Ty Dillon's Nationwide ride from Indy where he finished 3rd (I think?) Anyways, thought i'd paint it because i hadn't seen it anywhere. Base by me, numbers from Nascar2011, logos from google, me, sig by me render from ten0rs, enjoy! For the SRD NNS11 mod! Also it is Hi Res/2048.
#43 Aric Almirola - Auto Lift Institute (Pocono II) - 43_A_Almirola_ALI_2012.cup.car 683 downloads
ryan78 - 8/1/2012 - 1 User Comments - 2,297.5 kb  
Aric Almirola's Automotive Lift Institute ford for the weekend at Pocono. This is honestly my favourite paint scheme all year! Base by me, numbers from masgrafx, sig by me, logos from google, me, brandsoftheworld, render from iceman! Enjoy! For The Cup12ST Mod!
#31 Jeff Burton - Enersys (Pocono II) - 31_J_Burton_Enersys.cup.car 684 downloads
ryan78 - 7/31/2012 - 5 User Comments - 1,206.3 kb  
Jeff Burton's Pocono car, base by me, logos from google, me, numbers and sig from masgrafx, render from iceman! Enjoy! For the Cup12ST mod!
#11 Denny Hamlin 7-Pack (2012 Cars) - Hamlin cars.zip 721 downloads
ryan78 - 7/26/2012 - 5 User Comments - 8,161.9 kb  
All of Hamlin scheme's that he's run this year and are as accurate as possible!! Bases by Me/Alan Harkleroad, numbers and sig from masgrafx, logos from google, me, brandsoftheworld and seeklogo. Renders from icemand. Enjoy! For the Cup12ST Mod!
#31 Jeff Burton - RainX (Indianapolis) Cup12 - 31_J_Burton_RainX_2012.cup.car 734 downloads
ryan78 - 7/26/2012 - 6 User Comments - 1,381.9 kb  
One race deal for Jeff Burton at indy, guessed the rear end although im pretty sure it will look something like that on the real car... Anyways base by me, logos from masgrafx, google, me, numbers and sig from masgrafx, render from iceman. Enjoy! For the Cup12ST mod!
#21 Trevor Bayne - Motorcraft/Leonad Wood "HOF" - 21_T_Bayne_Red_2012.cup.car 664 downloads
ryan78 - 7/23/2012 - 4 User Comments - 1,287.8 kb  
This is the car that Trevor will drive next week at Indianapolis, honouring Leonard Wood's induction into the Nascar Hall Of Fame. Base by me, numbers fom masgrafx, logos from google and me, sig by me, render from garrett (scene by iceman) Enjoy! For The Cup12st mod.
#34 & #38 Front Row Motorsports 4-Pack (Cup12) - FRM Cars.zip 711 downloads
ryan78 - 7/22/2012 - 3 User Comments - 5,228.0 kb  
#34 Taco Bell/Live Mas, #38 Taco Bell/Live Mas, #38 Big Machine Records to be run at Indianapolis next week and the #38 A&W that ran earlier this season! Bases be me, logos by google, brands of the world, me, Signatures by me, numbers from masgrafx, renders from garrett (Scenes from iceman) Enjoy! All four are .car files for the Cup12s mod!
#17 Matt Kenseth - NESN National (Cup12) - 17_M_KensethNESN_2012.cup.car 744 downloads
ryan78 - 7/16/2012 - 3 User Comments - 2,436.0 kb  
Kenseth's car from New Hampshire. Base by me, numbers and sig from masgrafx, logos from google and me, render by iceman. For the Cup12ST. NOTE: THE REAR OF THE CAR HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH THE CORRECT LOGO's AND DESIGN< THE RENDER IS OLD! Thanks and enjoy!
#55 Brian Vickers - MyClassicGarage.com Cup12 - 55_B_VickersMCG.com.cup.car 678 downloads
ryan78 - 7/16/2012 - 1 User Comments - 2,503.0 kb  
Brian Vickers' ride from New Hampshire. Base by me, numbers from masgrafx, sig by me, logos by me and google, render from iceman, enjoy! For the Cup12ST.
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