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Username: carlEfan99
First Name: Eric Last Name:
E-mail: carlEfan99@nascarcrashes.net
ICQ: Location: Illinois
Hobbies: Web Page: www.totalnonestopracing.com
uploaded files
2017 Michael McDowell Procore Chevy (MENCS17) - 95_Procore_17.cup.car 121 downloads
carlEfan99 - 9/13/2017 - 0 User Comments - 1,481.2 kb  
Michael McDowell scheme slated to be run at New Hampshire. Credits: Logos - google, template - SNG, base - me, sig - LFR, render - TheModSquad, number - BER
Cody Ware Darlington Throwback (MENCS17) - WareThrowback17.cup.car 215 downloads
carlEfan99 - 9/1/2017 - 0 User Comments - 975.5 kb  
Cody Ware's Bubba Burger/Pray For Texas ride he will be piloting this weekend. Credits: Base, several logos-me, other logos, number-google, template-SNG, Render-themodsquad
Fictional Chase Elliott Dirt Late Model (Bullring) - CElliott_DLM.gns.car 77 downloads
carlEfan99 - 6/29/2017 - 2 User Comments - 4,511.0 kb  
Chase Elliott's 2017 scheme on a dirt late model. Looks sweet haha. Credits: Base-RAH, Numbers&Sig-BER, Render by me with scene by The Iceman
2017 GN55 Carset - 2017 GN55 Carset.zip 201 downloads
carlEfan99 - 6/28/2017 - 7 User Comments - 11,001.4 kb  
It's finally here! It all started with a curiosity, painting Chase Elliott onto the brand new GN55 beta. It looked incredible. I had to do more. Now here it is, the full 39 car field all on beautiful GN55 bodies! This has been a long project, and at some points I could hardly find the time, but I'm so glad to finally say this is completed and I hope everyone enjoys! So many people to credit here. Credit to Google for a ton of reference pictures, logos, signatures, etc. Jayski as well for reference pics and team names! Big thanks to Jeb on believing in this project and to everyone voicing their support throughout! Thanks to Big Evil Racing for several numbers. Thanks to RAH for a couple of the harder bases (Kyle Busch lol). Thanks to @Rioux for the amazing mod and the chevy template. Thanks to @Jebrown for the Pontiac, Ford, and Olds templates. Thanks to @NascarGuy42 for the Toyota Crown template! Thanks to the fine folks over at NRatings for providing up to the latest race ratings for this entire carset! Also, thanks to @The Iceman for the render scene I used throughout this project. And lastly I'd like to thank all of you a million more times for your support. This one is for all of you! Enjoy!
2009 Johnny Sauter Fun Sand Throwback CWS15 - Sauter_FunSand.cts.car 113 downloads
carlEfan99 - 3/27/2017 - 0 User Comments - 1,164.8 kb  
Travel back in time with me to 2009! When Ron Hornaday was on top of his game, Joey Logano was still horrible, and the truck guys had to choose between tires OR gas! This paint scheme while so simple, the sponsor is too good to pass up. Enjoy! Template by Team Om3ga Base by me Sponsors from Google Number from BER Signature by Abuchl Render by me and scene by Iceman
Natalie Decker ARCA Midwest Late Model #04 (LMPv2) - 04_Decker.gns.car 351 downloads
carlEfan99 - 7/12/2016 - 1 User Comments - 612.7 kb  
Decided to utilize the late model mod and paint this baby. Hoping for big things from Natalie in the future! By the way, she loves this lol. Credits - base: me, sponsors: google, number: nataliedeckerracing.com
2015 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Baja Blast Fictional Sprint Car - 88_Baja_Blast.gns.car 249 downloads
carlEfan99 - 4/7/2016 - 2 User Comments - 296.7 kb  
I've been on sort of a SuperSprint binge as of late and this is something that came out of it. Very sleek looking sprint car. Like I said, for use with the Super Sprint mod. Credits: Paint by Rah for everything honestly.
IROC Champions Carset (PWF IROC) - IROC Champions.txt 272 downloads
carlEfan99 - 2/17/2016 - 0 User Comments - 0.6 kb  
Something fun I decided to throw together. This set was meant to honor the best of the best of the now defunct IROC series. Only the best champions made the cut for this set, including names such as Donohue, Andretti, Martin, and Earnhardt. Modeled after the 2006 and final IROC cars. Credits: Template - MRD
Dale Earnhardt Number Set v2 (PSD) - Dale Earnhardt Number Set.psd 302 downloads
carlEfan99 - 3/3/2014 - 4 User Comments - 192.5 kb  
Here is a little side project I've been working on. Noticed a while back someone wanted this but there wasn't one in existence so here it is! If you use this please send some credit my way!
2013 Tony Stewart Sprint Car v1 (Supersprint Mod) - Stewart_14.gns.car 310 downloads
carlEfan99 - 3/1/2014 - 1 User Comments - 276.7 kb  
Just kind of threw this together. Will probably look into improving on it but I'm mainly posting it here for feedback. Always very helpful! Credits: Template-Ow-racing.com Logos-Google Number-Racingrafix Base-Me
Helio Castroneves 3 PSD - Helio Castroneves 3.psd 199 downloads
carlEfan99 - 9/23/2009 - 0 User Comments - 766.9 kb  
I finally got around to making this. Helio's number in a layered psd file.
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