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uploaded files
Fic. Regan Smith "Stroker Ace" Throwback - 7StrokerSmith.cup.car 302 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/20/2016 - 2 User Comments - 1,176.4 kb  
I've always thought it would be cool to see whoever drives the #7 to run a Stroker Ace throwback scheme so I decided to churn one out for Regan Smith. Credits as follows.......template from Bullring.......contingencies from Alan Harkleroad @SRD.......paint by me (yep I can add Red to a whole base).....driver signature from Google........all logos courtesy of tenderman65 (much appreciated).......render by Andy1 @SRD
#40 Mr. Bubble Toyota Bullring 2010 mod - epd40_t.cup.rar 953 downloads
goggles pisano - 12/18/2009 - 6 User Comments - 1,722.2 kb  
Template/L2B,contingencies/earnhardtfanracing,numbers/masgrafx,logos/google,rendor/ten0r Comes with a pit crew.
Hamm's Beer NNS fictional TGA - hammsNNS.rar 926 downloads
goggles pisano - 11/16/2009 - 1 User Comments - 813.5 kb  
As someone who grew up in Minnesota, this beer was a mainstay for us. (brewed in St. Paul Minnesota) The jingle for it will forever be cemented in my head, and I wanted to do up a car in tribute to a Minnesota legend. Base is mine, template from SRD, contingencies from L2B, logos from Google, numbers from masgrafx, rendor by ten0r.
#40 Sinclair Toyota ss.net COT fictional TGA (UPDATED WITH PIC THAT WORKS!!!) - sinclair.rar 1022 downloads
goggles pisano - 11/15/2009 - 2 User Comments - 566.1 kb  
Showing my age, but I remember when these gas stations were everywhere. I did one like this as a hobby stock car, and thought I would do one in a ss.net COT car as well. The base is mine, the template is L2B, #'s are masgrafx, logos from Google, contingencies from Earnhardtfanracing.com, and rendor by Ten0r. The file is a TGA file not a car file.
John Andretti #34 Taco Bell car - tacobell.cup.rar 1033 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/10/2009 - 2 User Comments - 92.4 kb  
The numbers are not the same ones he uses on this car, and for the life of me I could not find those exact ones. I made the ones I could find look as close to the real ones as I could.Also, a big thanks to Blueclipse28 and Muddslide18 for giving the sites to go to for driver signatures. Template by RCI, base by me, logos from Google and Bing, numbers from Masgrafx and altered by me, contigencis from JDRacing.com, driver signature from ozpaints and rendor by ten0r.
Tony Raines black Long John Silver's Daytona 500 car DNQ - longjohnsilvers.cup.rar 1022 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/10/2009 - 0 User Comments - 90.5 kb  
Befor you say anything, I know I don't have the little fish above the "N" on the rear quarter panel. I could not find that exact logo, and when I tried to splice it in it never looked right. I didn't think not having it would make that much difference seeing as his yellow one does not have it, so I left it off. Template from RCI, base by me, logos from Google, Bing and DeadPool, contigs from JDRacing, numbers from Masgrafx, Rendor by Ten0r
Fictional/retro #9 Kasey Kahne Boomerang/Cartoon Network car - boomerang.rar 1030 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/8/2009 - 3 User Comments - 731.1 kb  
I was always a fan of the old Cartoon Network cars, and being someone who still likes the cartoons I grew with, I'm a fan of the Boomerang Cartoon Network. So, I decided to make a retro themed fictional Boomeang car for Kasey Kahne. The template is from RCI, with the base by me. The logos are from both Google and Bing.com. The Contingencies are from JDRacing.com. The numbers and driver sig are from Masgrafx, and the rendor is from Ten0r. I have included both the car file, as well as the TGA file in case someone just wants to import it onto one of their previously downloaded cars.
My online ride - buc_ees.cup.rar 960 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/5/2009 - 4 User Comments - 95.9 kb  
This is the car I am going to use in the PSRL 2K2 cup online series. I thought I would post it anyways incase anyone might want it. If you have ever been on the road from Houston to San Antonio, or just in the SA area, you know about Buc-ee's. Me and my wife always stop there on our way into SA. The tepmlate is from RCI, the base is mine, the logos are from Google, the numbers are from Masgrafx, the contingencies are from JDRacing, and the rendor is by Ten0r.
#59 Citywide Maintance fictional - citywide.cup.rar 989 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/5/2009 - 1 User Comments - 90.8 kb  
I did this car just for fun the other day. The company is where my mother in-law works, and I thought their logo would go good on a car. Template-------RCI Base------------Me Logos-----------Google Numbers-------Masgrafx Contingency---JDRacing Rendor---------Ten0r
#08 Boris Said U.S. Chrome car from Watkins Glen - uschrome.rar 993 downloads
goggles pisano - 9/3/2009 - 4 User Comments - 192.7 kb  
I have been working on this one for a few days after classes are done. The template is from RCI, the base is mine, the logos are from google, bing.com (I'm probably the first on here to use bing) and by me, the contigs are from JDRacing.com, and the numbers are from masgrafx. I did this one, and another where I turned the dirt feature from the template on just for kicks as well. It's not totally 100% accurate, but it is fairly close.
#44 AJ Allmendinger Hunt Brothers Pizza - huntbrotherspizza.cup.rar 1499 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/31/2009 - 4 User Comments - 572.6 kb  
I have been working on this one for a few days, (still trying to get curved lines down) but I think it turned out pretty good. Template from RCI, base by me, logo and numbers from masgrafx, contingencies from JDRacing.
Fictional Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville car - margaritaville.cup.rar 911 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/30/2009 - 1 User Comments - 101.6 kb  
Template from RCI, base by me, logos from Google, numbers from earnhardtfan.com
Remington Car - Gander.cup.rar 959 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/29/2009 - 0 User Comments - 188.4 kb  
This car is sort of a combination of the #37 and #34 NNS cars Front Row Motersports took to Daytona in July, as well as a touch of fictional due to I was unable to find the actual logo on the hood.(I subbed Gander's normal logo) The template is from RCI, with the base done by me. The logos are from Google, the numbers from Masgrafx, and the contingencys are from JDRacing.
Sun Drop #01 Johnny Davis Racing NNS - sundrop.cup.rar 1006 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/28/2009 - 4 User Comments - 107.7 kb  
Man I am having too much fun doing cars! Here is the #01 Sun Drop car that races for Johnny Davis Motersports, driven by Danny O'Quinn, and perhaps now Mike Wallace. The template is from RCI, with the base done by me. The logos are from Google, and the numbers are from masgrafx. I used the contigs from JDRacing, for I don't have any NNS ones. If someone knows where to get them, please let me know 'cause I am gonna try and do some more NNS cars. I also was not able to getthe numbers on the lights like the acutal car has. If someone could give me a hand as to what ya scale them down to, I would love it.
Kelly Bires #51 FAB Grills 2009 Daytona 500 DNQ - bires_fabgrill.cup.rar 1042 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/28/2009 - 2 User Comments - 143.7 kb  
I got a wild hair and decided to do a real car this morning. I went onto Jayski and found a easy one to start with that has not been done for the 2009 carset on JDRacing as of yet. There were a couple of little sponsers on the back end of the car that I could not make out no matter how large I blew up the pic so, insted of just throwing anything on there and messing it up, I left them off. (didn't think it made much of a difference) The template is from RCI, with the base done by me. I got the contigs from JDRacing.com, and got the logos from Google. The numbers and sig is from masgrafx. I also did the rookie stripe on the back myself as well.
Fictional coupon themed car I did for my Wife - hotcouponworld.cup.rar 985 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/27/2009 - 3 User Comments - 190.0 kb  
Well, seeing as college do not start till next week, I have been spending a ton of time on here, having fun and learning how to paint. That being said, my Wife has been breaking my balls over it, all in good jest mind ya. So, to appease her, I did a car for her. She is a big coupon guru over on a site called hotcouponworld.com, so this car has a coupon theme to it. Besides HCW, I added Red Plum, a coupon insert that comes in the Sunday papers, as well as a couple of stores. The template is from RCI, with the base done by me. The contigs are from JDRacing.com, the numbers from earnhardtfanracing.com, and the logos from Google.
#15 Casey's General Store NNS fictional - caseys.cup.rar 1031 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/27/2009 - 1 User Comments - 183.8 kb  
Here is a #15 Casey's General Store NNW fictional car. Template from RCI, as well as the contgs. The logos are from Google image, as well as Casey's own web site. (Thanks nascar3232 for your help here) The numbers are from Earnhardtfanracing.com. The base is mine,
#0 Whataburger fictional - whataburger.cup.rar 978 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/27/2009 - 2 User Comments - 172.0 kb  
I did this one late last Tuesday night/early this morning. It is a fairly simple one, but it was a good one for me to continue to learn how to use GIMP. The template is from RCI. All I did to it was color it white. The contigs are from JDRacing.com. They did not turn out exactly right. I was having some problems with them.The number is from ernhrtfanracing. It was a plain white one, but I added the color to it. The logos are from Google.
First attempt at painting - goggles.cup.rar 941 downloads
goggles pisano - 8/25/2009 - 8 User Comments - 156.5 kb  
This is the first attempt I have made at painting a car for n2002, so be kind with your comments please. The template is from nnracing.com, base and contigs are from JDRacing.com, numbers from MasGrafX Racing, and the logo from google. For some reason the base did not match up exactly right in the front on this one, not too sure why. I'm sure that is something I'll get down better in time.
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