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Username: jon_spdwy
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uploaded files
clubman stage route 5 - clubman_stg5.zip 1290 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/27/2010 - 6 User Comments - 3,522.5 kb  
clubman stage route 5 from gran turismo. i finally have all my tracks up that i can post here. there are two more that i couldnt post because of file size. swg superspeedway and tokyo international raceway. if you need either of those just email me. jon_spdwy@hotmail.com ***please dont email or pm me about making tracks. i stopped doing this over a year ago and i dont know when,or if, i'll do anymore.***
ohio motor speedway - ohio.zip 1223 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/27/2010 - 0 User Comments - 3,980.8 kb  
1 mile oval
desert thunder v2 - desert_thunder_v2.zip 816 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/27/2010 - 0 User Comments - 3,419.8 kb  
based on a real 1/4 mile dirt track in utah. this is an alternate version, with the pits on the front stretch to allow for more cars. the original version, with the pits on the outside of the track, held 10. this one holds 22.
ampines international raceway - Ampines.zip 964 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 6,996.6 kb  
3 mile road course. its fast in some parts and tricky in others. its intended regular cup cars but trans am or f-1 would be great here.
georgia motor speedway - georgia.zip 1143 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 4,596.0 kb  
1.5 mile tri-oval. extra wide for more side by side racing.
limaland motor sports park - limaland_mp.zip 831 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 4,770.7 kb  
1/4 mile dirt track.
north carolina 07 night - north_carolina_07n.zip 841 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 2 User Comments - 6,509.7 kb  
updated (for 2007) night version of the rock.
bacs road course - bacs_road_course.zip 763 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 3,537.9 kb  
road course with banked curve at the end of the front stretch.
seattle speedway - seattle.zip 877 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 5,583.0 kb  
the 2nd of my tracks that im puting up here..
Nevada Superspeedway - nevada_swg.zip 1294 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/26/2010 - 0 User Comments - 6,123.8 kb  
this is one of my tracks that i made a while ago. i noticed that a few people have posted some of my tracks on their racing sites and various other places, but others arent available anywhere anymore. so im puting them all here so they can all be found in the same spot, and in original condition.
Desert Thunder Raceway - desert_thunder.zip 847 downloads
jon_spdwy - 7/31/2007 - 13 User Comments - 3,370.3 kb  
this is based on a real track. desert thunder raceway in price, utah. its a 3/8 mile dirt oval. turns are banked 5deg starting at the bottom and 10 at the top. there are no walls or rails around the turns wich can lead to some crazy wrecks. a mountain borders the backstretch. you can get my other tracks at freewebs.com/speedwaygrafix
Delaware Speedway - delaware_sw.zip 1167 downloads
jon_spdwy - 6/25/2007 - 7 User Comments - 3,392.5 kb  
1.263 mile oval. turns banked 25deg. this track is alot faster than it looks and is good for 2 wide and sometimes 3 wide racing. for more tracks and cars visit freewebs.com/speedwaygrafix
#99 David Reutimann GNS Alt - aarons99alt.zip 578 downloads
jon_spdwy - 4/30/2007 - 0 User Comments - 1,546.6 kb  
this is an alternate of the #99 Aaron's Busch GNS car. its meant to be a busch car but i included a car for both the GNS mod and a regular cup car. i posted a car here a few weeks ago and i was asked if i had any other cars. if you want to check out my other cars go to freewebs.com/speedwaygrafix . credits... template: RSJR14 logos: BOTW render scene: MG Motorsports
#55 U.S. Bank Charger - jsw_55usbank.cup.zip 591 downloads
jon_spdwy - 4/19/2007 - 3 User Comments - 666.3 kb  
fictional us bank charger. template is from zone15. logos, botw. render scene from mg motorsports.
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