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2001 todd bodine - bodine1.tga 224 downloads
Stormblast44 - 8/15/2005 - 0 User Comments - 89.8 kb  
comments request. logos from google. my 3rd car. AIM:doorcounty101
Gun Broker .com Fic - gunbroker.tga 198 downloads
Stormblast44 - 8/15/2005 - 0 User Comments - 140.2 kb  
this is the gunbroker .com fictional i made using the in game paintshop and picture it. Credits go to Team SBR numbers and the SEM logo. Rest logos go to Google. every thing else by me. Requests, comments love em both.
Sun Drop Car #33 - sun 2.tga 205 downloads
Stormblast44 - 8/14/2005 - 4 User Comments - 109.2 kb  
Great car for the in game paintshop huh? Masgrafx for numbers, google for logos. Requests that i love taking or comments?
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