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since 6.4.1996

Username: nascarfan13
First Name: Shawn Last Name: Duffy
E-mail: Nascarfan15@gmail.com
ICQ: Location: Massachusetts
Hobbies: i am nascarfan15! not nascarfan13 :) AGE= 20 nr2003,rendering cars,computers,mp3s/music,classic rock and oldies,internet addict,playstation 2,racing Web Page: http://www.freewebs.com/nascarfan15
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my very own sponsered car - nascarfan13 car.zip 507 downloads
nascarfan13 - 5/21/2002 - 0 User Comments - 189.8 kb  
this is a car i made with a template i made myself. i included the template if you want to use it with your next car,enjoy. this car is sponsered by me nascarfan13 if your wondering.
cool looking templates i made - two temp.zip 643 downloads
nascarfan13 - 5/20/2002 - 5 User Comments - 48.6 kb  
these are two templates i just made. they look cool in my opinion. ones a flamed template and the other ones a blackwhite and blue template. i hope you use these templates for your cars. leave comments and suggestions.so i can improve on them if i need to.
kbtititan24's tedega ramp weierd happenings - N4ss01.jpg 475 downloads
nascarfan13 - 5/14/2002 - 8 User Comments - 69.1 kb  
kbtitan24 i recently tried that tdega ramp you uploaded and the ai cars did some strange things heres a pic to see for yourself. i circled or put an arrow to the wierd things.
3 kragen chevy(n4) - kragen car.cup.car 515 downloads
nascarfan13 - 5/11/2002 - 0 User Comments - 207.8 kb  
this is a kragen chevy i made for n4 i chose 3 because it looks good on the car. i hope you enjoy it leave comments.
tribute to kbtitan24 car - kbtitan24 tribu.cup.car 572 downloads
nascarfan13 - 5/10/2002 - 2 User Comments - 298.3 kb  
this is a tribute car to one of the greatest car and track makers on nascarnet.com. enjoy and leave comments.
zenith car - zenith car.cup.zip 647 downloads
nascarfan13 - 4/27/2002 - 0 User Comments - 225.7 kb  
this is a cool looking zenith car i made yesterday i hope you enjoy it leave comments.
actlabs chevy(with pic) - actlabs chevy.cup.zip 399 downloads
nascarfan13 - 4/27/2002 - 0 User Comments - 213.2 kb  
this is a car i just made i got the logos from the actlabs website. leave some comments please.
quake dodge - quake car.cup.car 400 downloads
nascarfan13 - 4/24/2002 - 2 User Comments - 183.8 kb  
this a car i made sponsering the game quake. i hope you like it leave comments.
dale ereanheart if still alive car - dale3car.zip 455 downloads
nascarfan13 - 4/22/2002 - 18 User Comments - 331.2 kb  
i painted this car to show what dales number 3 car would look like if he was still alive and used kevin harvicks current scheme. leave comments
MY spongebob car(better looking) - spongebob car.cup.zip 457 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/24/2002 - 6 User Comments - 215.6 kb  
here it is my spongebob car compare to the other one and say whos spongebob car is the best here.
pizza hut,[nascar4] - pizzahutcar.zip 422 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/23/2002 - 0 User Comments - 200.3 kb  
this is a pizza hut car i made. it looks pretty cool please leave comments
66 phillips car {nascar4} - 66car.zip 385 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/23/2002 - 0 User Comments - 216.1 kb  
this is elliott sadlers old busch car sponsered by tropartic/phillips 66 this is my only replica i have doneso far and it looks good. this is in a zip file. leave comments please
my painted cars roster{ fixed zip file with cars files} - my paintjobs 2.lst 409 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/19/2002 - 9 User Comments - 2.4 kb  
this is one of two rosters of cars that i painted tell me what you think some of them are personal things you can delete the personal car ones if you want.don't edit the paintjobs only the info.you can paint the pit crews that don't have paint. hope you enjoy this.please leave comments.some of the cars in the zip aren't the cars in the orignal roster i couldn't remember all the car files.i am gonna have to put the cars into different zip file tommow because the site was taking too long to upload the zip file you will see the cars tommow but thanks for your help. this was the first file i uploaded like this.
goodyear car - goodyear tires.cup.car 358 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/18/2002 - 1 User Comments - 228.8 kb  
this is a cool looking goodyearcar i made for nascar 4 if anyone still plays nascar 4 download this car.
a replay - N4ss09.jpg 424 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/16/2002 - 2 User Comments - 79.8 kb  
this replay shows just what a big wreck at daytona can do to your car halfway through the wreck someone comes banging to me and i flip really high.the download is just the pic.
dale earnheart tribute car - de tribute car.cup.car 347 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/16/2002 - 0 User Comments - 200.7 kb  
this is a tribute car for the great dale earnheart.
a requested car - 66chevy car.cup.car 366 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/16/2002 - 0 User Comments - 183.0 kb  
this is the best i could do i am not a reallly good replica maker.
replica 66 phillips car - trop artic chev.cup.car 437 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/16/2002 - 1 User Comments - 148.5 kb  
this is my first replica car its a replica of eliott sadlers old bush car its sponser is phillips 66/tropartic the numbers are off but it looks really close to the real thing.i used a collectable car to look at to paint it.
wendys pontiac - wendys pontiac.cup.car 382 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/16/2002 - 1 User Comments - 228.1 kb  
this is car sponsered by wendys i use this car most of the time. there is a surprise inside the car check it out. i want to show off some of my paintjobs so everyone can see some of my paintjobs.
talledega custom car - talledga car.cup.car 328 downloads
nascarfan13 - 3/16/2002 - 1 User Comments - 198.9 kb  
this a car i made that has the sponser talledega on it tell me what you think.
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