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since 6.4.1996

Username: Checker_MC
First Name: André Last Name: Leichtfuß
E-mail: checker_mc@gmx.de
ICQ: 125107640 Location: Wittelsberg, Germany
Hobbies: NR2003 and some other unimportant stuff... Web Page: http://www.facebook.com/checkermcdesigns
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*** Maybe the best car I've ever made *** - Cing_300M.cup.car 516 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/20/2002 - 6 User Comments - 251.9 kb  
Hi guys. This is my newest creation. A Cingular Wireless Chrysler 300M. It is chromed and changes its base color. I think it came out great. Tell me what you think. Checker_MC PS. To all the guys who asked me for cars: I'm working on them! I just have to write my final college exam soon and have not enough time for painting. But I haven't forgot you.
#29 Hills Bros Taurus 99 - 29_hills_taurus.cup.car 513 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/15/2002 - 4 User Comments - 327.1 kb  
Hi there, here's another of my old school cars. A Hills Bros Ford with the 1999 Taurus body. I like this one more than the new one. Please leave any comments to the car. If you got any requests or tips or whatever, just send me an e-mail, leave me a PM or catch me in ICQ.
#39 Brooks & Dunn Chevy Monte Carlo - 39_B&D_Chevy.cup.car 519 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/15/2002 - 2 User Comments - 272.7 kb  
Well, the title says what it is. *g* Leave comments please.
A little experiment, tell me what you think - 59_Bud_Dodge.cup.car 606 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/14/2002 - 5 User Comments - 328.4 kb  
Everyone making a Budweiser car these days, makes it a Chevy. But I was again the little rebel and made a Budweiser Dodge. Tell me your opinion about it. I am also doing requests. Just send me an e-mail, a PM or catch me at ICQ. ... Greetz, Checker_MC
*** personal car for ZTECK64 *** - 64_Circa_BMW-M3.cup.car 570 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/10/2002 - 2 User Comments - 260.5 kb  
Alright, here it is. I made no screenshot because I didn't know that I was gonna post it here. Well, you know what it is: A circa footwear BMW M3. The Checker_MC-logo you wanted is the screenshot.
*** 2nd in skater's series: '99 Emerica Chevy *** - Emerica_Chevy.cup.car 564 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/9/2002 - 3 User Comments - 245.2 kb  
This was a requests from the guys in the Sierra community. So here it is. By the way, Ztech, your car is in you e-mail-inbox.
One for the skaters - és footwear Chrysler - 5_es_chrysler.cup.car 609 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/7/2002 - 3 User Comments - 346.8 kb  
This one was requested by a friend of mine. Since he's into skateboarding, I painted this one. Thanks to Jan Frischkorn from f1design.de for the template. Tell me your opinion and/or requests. I'd be glad to paint something for you. Greetz, Checker_MC.
#01 Outlaw Chevy - Gimme feedback!!! - 01_Outlaw_Chevy.cup.car 654 downloads
Checker_MC - 1/1/2002 - 2 User Comments - 305.9 kb  
This is my personal ride for 2002. It is an Outlaw Chevy. I totally love the dark lights. They make the car look more evil. What do you think? I wanted to know your opinions. It just looks so blurry because of my Voodoo3-card. But the GeForce3 is on its way. *g* So it will look much better on your computer. If you have any suggestions, comments or requests, just send me an e-mail - a.lei@freenet.de - or catch me in ICQ - 125107640 -. Greetz, Checker_MC
Very much improved Exide Dodge - 33_Exide_Dodge.cup.car 645 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/25/2001 - 4 User Comments - 312.9 kb  
Alright, I'm back again with a new version of my Exide Dodge. I took the chromolusion effect off again because it didn't look very fitting. I also changed some contingencies. Please tell me what you think of it. If someone likes it and wants me to paint a car for him/her, just ask and I'm gonna do it. Greetz and a merry christmas, Checker_MC
#12 Tide Thunderbird - Tell me Ur opinion - 12_Tide_TBird.cup.car 726 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/21/2001 - 1 User Comments - 306.8 kb  
Tell me what U think of it.
Better screenshot for the lower posted Pontiac - 33_Exide_Pontiac.jpg 801 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/20/2001 - 0 User Comments - 55.9 kb  
This is an improved screenshot. Now you can see the chromolusion effect.
#33 Exide Pontiac (chromed!!!) - 33_Exide_Pontiac.cup.car 708 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/20/2001 - 0 User Comments - 306.0 kb  
This is my newest creation. An Exide Batteries sponsored Pontiac Grand Prix. It has a chromolusion-effect that doesn't come out very well in this screenshot but looks great in the game. - Tell me your opinions. By the way, I'm also doing requested cars so if there's any wish I try to make it come true.
#5 Hamburger Helper Chrysler 300M (CHROMED!!!) - 5_HHelper_Chrysler.cup.car 1071 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/14/2001 - 0 User Comments - 340.0 kb  
This is my third chromed car for Nascar 4. It is a Chrysler 300M again (I just love this template). This time I tried to do the colors less bright with a touch of silver. I think it worked pretty good. Tell me what you think. I'm also doing requests, so be creative and so am I.
#0 Nokia Opel Astra DTM (chromed) - 0_Nokia_Opel.cup.car 852 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/10/2001 - 1 User Comments - 333.9 kb  
This is my first chromed car. It is an Opel (for our British friends: Vauxhall) Astra like it's running in the German Touring Car Masters (DTM). I put some chromallusion on it and some Nokia sponsoring because of my cell phone which actually inspired me to that paint scheme. PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK!!!
'Different' Cars 2/2 - cars2.zip 938 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/4/2001 - 0 User Comments - 983.0 kb  
This is the second part of my carset. It contains the #5, #9 and #2 car. I'm looking forward to get your comments. If you have a special request, just send me an e-mail or contact me via ICQ (125107640)
'Different' cars 1/2 - cars1.zip 886 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/4/2001 - 0 User Comments - 1,132.6 kb  
This is the first part of my carset. It contains the #4, #11 and #22 car. I'm looking forward to get your comments. If you have a special request, just send me an e-mail or contact me via ICQ (125107640)
UPS Mercedes-Benz - UPS-Benz.jpg 863 downloads
Checker_MC - 12/3/2001 - 2 User Comments - 24.9 kb  
THIS IS JUST A SCREENSHOT YET!!! Hi there, I'm quite new in this and so I wanted to get some comments if I should try to publish my stuff at all. If you like this screenshot, I'm gonna post the .car file. Thank you and greetz by Checker_MC
Cingular Alfa Romeo 156 - Cingular-alfa.zip 960 downloads
Checker_MC - 11/17/2001 - 0 User Comments - 307.2 kb  
This is my very first Nascar 4 car. It is an Alfa Romeo 156 which is a quite well known car in Europe. I hope you like my Nascar 4 version as well.
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