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Jet The Hawk
Username: Jet The Hawk
First Name: Jack Last Name: Stroski
E-mail: jetthehawk54@yahoo.com
ICQ: Location: Georgetown, IN
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#2 Brad Keselowski Sega Addicts Dodge Charger - 12_2_segaddicts.cup.rar 330 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/29/2012 - 2 User Comments - 5,268.9 kb  
For one of my favorite podcast shows, I decided to make this shortly after they celebrated their 100th episode. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me.
#43 Jack Stroski STP Ford Fusions 2-pack - 12_43_stp98.cup.rar 425 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/28/2012 - 1 User Comments - 8,561.6 kb  
Two retros for the #43. These are personal Petty cars for me like the Sonic Racing one I posted previous but are not far from just being considered Aric Almirola cars (same associate sponsors, etc) so use them either way lol. This includes the scheme originally ran by John Andretti in 1998, as well as Bobby Hamilton's silver 25th Anniversary colors from 1996. Note the latter has the current STP logos and not the hood logos originally used for the sake of modernizing the design. Bases - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - Me.
#44 Michael Annett Team Hot Wheels Ford Fusion - 12_44_teamHW.cup.rar 385 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/25/2012 - 2 User Comments - 4,209.5 kb  
I know, the classic #44 Hot Wheels has been done many times. For this fictional Cup ride for RPM's Nationwide driver, I wanted to bring it back but with some modernization. I based the "new" scheme on the current line of "Team Hot Wheels" diecasts. However as a nod to the classic Kyle Petty scheme, I ghosted the loops on the side of the car behind the numbers. Base - me. Numbers - Jeeble. Logos - me, Brian Wallace.
#43 Jack Stroski Sonic-Sega All Stars Ford Fusion - 12_43_sonic.cup.rar 331 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/23/2012 - 0 User Comments - 4,647.4 kb  
One of many new personal cars for me. Its not too far off from being a normal Aric Almirola fic (same associate sponsors except for Sega being on the b-post for me) so it can have two purposes if you wish. Originally Danica Patrick's scheme from the Texas Nationwide race promoting the new Sonic racing game. Added a Petty-blue fade since this was going on a #43...base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - me. Blueclipse thanks for another render!
#12 Parker Kligerman Piper Dodge Charger - 12_12_piper.cup.rar 352 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/19/2012 - 1 User Comments - 2,854.7 kb  
Keep in mind I made this back when Parker still ran for Dodge. Anyway this is a what-if Bobby Allison returned to Nascar and had Parker as his driver. Based this scheme on Allison's Busch car from around 1987. It was featured on a Dodge in Nascar Thunder 2003, so I did the same here. Numbers, base, logos by me.
#25 Jerry Nadeau Invader Zim '01 - 2001_25_zim.cup.rar 282 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/18/2012 - 3 User Comments - 2,064.5 kb  
(I will be posting future PWF uploads as non-crew submissions in the future, and probably like 3 at a time so keep an eye out) This is complimentary to all the recent uploads of cars from the 2000-2003 era for the original PWF mod. I grew up watching Nascar during that time so its special to me to see it done. Anyway I painted this car sometime ago, but its a fictional Jerry Nadeau scheme featuring the then-brand new show Invader Zim. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Logos - Deadpool contigencies, Google, me
#51, #97 Kurt Busch Sharpie 3-pack - Sharpie3pack.rar 462 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/16/2012 - 3 User Comments - 5,930.3 kb  
Here's a set of modernistic retros for Kurt Busch. The #51 has his rookie Sharpie Rubbermaid colors on it. The two Nationwide cars included as bonuses feature his normal black scheme in 2005, plus the Sharpie Mini from Bristol that year (which includes short track grills to match) Thanks dbke24 for the Sharpie graphics I used for these cars. Masgrafx - Numbers. Blueclipse thanks for the renders!
#41 Timmy Hill Daytona USA Ford Fusion - 12_41_hornetAT.cup.rar 396 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/14/2012 - 3 User Comments - 1,890.2 kb  
Here is a replica of the "Hornet" from Sega's arcade classic Daytona USA. Since its #41 in the game, I recreated it for a Timmy Hill Cup car. There are tons of different versions of this car with different numbers fonts and logo colors. I decided to make the one straight from the game with the "square" numbers and teal Hornet logos. Base, logos, numbers - me. Thanks Blueclipse for the render!
#44 Ken Block Monster Ford Fusion - 12_44_monster.cup.rar 416 downloads
Jet The Hawk - 9/11/2012 - 2 User Comments - 3,896.0 kb  
My first submission as NNR crew member! This is one my favorites so I figured start out with this. This a realistic fictional for gymkhana star Ken Block and what if he drove a few races for Richard Petty Motorsports. Armirola already has #43 so I gave Ken the #44. Close enough lol. Base - me. Numbers - Masgrafx. Contigencies - Alan Hackleroad. Thanks Blueclipse for the awesome render!!
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