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Username: theshackle
First Name: Greg Last Name: Berkowitz
E-mail: gregb08@vt.edu
ICQ: Location: Long Island
Hobbies: racing online and for real, flying, nd such Web Page:
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Land Shark Legend - LandShark_Legend.tga 630 downloads
theshackle - 10/9/2010 - 0 User Comments - 211.0 kb  
I wanted to do a scheme for my current beer of choice, I like how it came out, hope you guys do too. Logos from google.
Virginia Tech iRacing Silverado - TechSilverado.tga 614 downloads
theshackle - 10/8/2010 - 0 User Comments - 511.8 kb  
A scheme for my school (I'm a Junior at tech). Logos are all from google, the template is from iRacing. Enjoy, and feel free to comment.
Guns N' Roses Photo Mosiac iRacing - GunsNRosesTribute.tga 596 downloads
theshackle - 9/20/2010 - 3 User Comments - 1,549.8 kb  
This is a tribute to my all time favorite band. If it looks familiar thats because it's pretty much the same scheme as the one I did for NR2003. The base is made up of many unique pictures of Guns N' Roses from concerts and photoshoots. The hood and Deck lid have the lyrics from Sweet Chil O' Mine, and the deck lid has GnR's four original studio albums (I don't count Chinese Democracy or the spagetti incident?). Hope you like it, The pictures and logos are from google. This is the Class B Impalla by the way. G'n'F'R's!!!!
Kevin Harvick Jegs Silverado (iRacing) - JegsKHItruck.tga 591 downloads
theshackle - 9/18/2010 - 0 User Comments - 63.8 kb  
This is an scheme based off of the Truck Kevin Harvick Drove at New Hampshire. This is the first "real" scheme I have done in quite some time. Credit goes to iRacing for the template and google for the logos. Enjoy, and please comment. If you need help learning how to use iRacing .tga files please send me a PM. Thanks!
iRacing Motley Crue Impalla Class B - CrueImpalla.tga 638 downloads
theshackle - 9/10/2010 - 2 User Comments - 829.1 kb  
A tribute to one of my Favorite bands, it's a little different than what I usually do for band tributes but I like how it came out. Google, iRacing.com, for logos and the temp. Guns N' Roses triute coming soon.
New York Islanders Mustang - Isles.tga 549 downloads
theshackle - 8/23/2010 - 0 User Comments - 457.0 kb  
For iRacing. A tribute to my favorite hockey team, and one of the most infamous sports logos in history. Along the rear wing are the four years the Isles won the cup '80 '81 '82 '83. Ghosted on the roof is the shoulder patch Lighthouse logo.
iRacing Nationwide Home Depot fic. - HomeDepotNWS.tga 548 downloads
theshackle - 8/22/2010 - 0 User Comments - 140.2 kb  
My ride for the iRacing Class B series. A fictional scheme inspired by Tony Stewart's 05-07 scheme. It's not a 1 to 1 reproduction. Masgrafx, and google for the the logos.
iRacing Royal Purple Late Model - purple.tga 593 downloads
theshackle - 8/17/2010 - 0 User Comments - 434.4 kb  
The 3rd in my line of Royal Purple schemes (There is also a Mod and Truck available). Masgrafx for logos. iRacing for Temp. Enjoy.
iRacing Mopar SK Modified - MoparMod.tga 600 downloads
theshackle - 8/3/2010 - 0 User Comments - 526.3 kb  
Mopar style Modified for the SK series on iRacing, probably works with the Tour Mod series too. it has Challenger tailights. iRacing, Google.
Call of Duty Black Ops fictional - 2010 Impala Spoiler.tga 676 downloads
theshackle - 5/10/2010 - 2 User Comments - 977.8 kb  
This is a .TGA file. I Made this when the trailer first came came out and finally got around to posting it. I'm really excited about the direction the franchise is going. I've wanted to see COD game in Vietnam since i first played the first Modern Warfare. Can't wait to take down some Viet Cong Zombies!!! As for the car, it's just something I came up with since theres no box art yet. The render doesn't do the full scheme justice, I really like it and hope you do to. Masgrafx, seb, google, Ten0r, Muddslide, NNR, Shackleford Designs.
Royal Purple Chevy Silverado iRacing - PurpleSilver.tga 585 downloads
theshackle - 4/25/2010 - 1 User Comments - 229.5 kb  
Another Royal Purple vehicle for iRacing. Enjoy! Pm me if you need advice on how to use iRacing schemes. Masgrafx, iRacing, Google, Shackleford Designs.
2011 Kurt Busch Prediction - Pennzoil2011.cup.car 729 downloads
theshackle - 4/22/2010 - 2 User Comments - 1,712.1 kb  
masgrafx, google, muddslide, Bullring, Lurn2burn, TRG, Ten0r, Shackleford Designs.
Royal Purple SK Modified iRacing - RoyalPurpleSKiRacingnoNY.tga 531 downloads
theshackle - 4/21/2010 - 0 User Comments - 185.5 kb  
iRacing, Masgrafx, Google. Car does not include driver sig, or New York Markings. Enjoy!
Penguins Late Model iRacing - penguinsLM.tga 497 downloads
theshackle - 4/18/2010 - 1 User Comments - 349.7 kb  
I'll be using this car during the next month or so to support my 2nd favorite hockey team as they make a run for their 4th and 2nd consecutive Stanley cup. I'll also be making a Sharks SK. Enjoy lets go Pens and Sharks!!! credits: sportslogos.net, iRacing
2011 Kasey Khane Hypothesis - 2011KhaneBudChevy.tga 762 downloads
theshackle - 4/13/2010 - 2 User Comments - 632.5 kb  
Here is my prediction as to where and what Kasey Khane will be racing in 2011. Since Ray Evernham is no longer affiliated with RPM, I believe that they will sell the rights to the #9 to SHR, and Budweiser will go with Khane because they already have an established identity with him. I took the design of the car in a different direction because I think the same old red scheme was just too boring lol. Enjoy! Credits: Ten0rs, Lurn2Burn, Masgrafx, Deadpool, Bullring, Muddslide.
DuPont Jetta TDi iRacing - gordonJetta.tga 571 downloads
theshackle - 3/23/2010 - 3 User Comments - 162.2 kb  
Deadpool, iRacing, Google,Myself. Inspired by my favorite Jeff Gordon scheme...The Rainbow Warrior!!!. Hope you enjoy it.
iRacing San Jose Sharks Jetta TDI - SharksJettas.zip 496 downloads
theshackle - 3/21/2010 - 1 User Comments - 346.2 kb  
Here are too Jetta's for my favorite west coast Hockey team. Includes too .tga schemes, including the 3rd Jersey "black armor" scheme. iRacing, Sportslogos.net.
St. Patrick's day car 317 .TGA - Stpatrick.tga 477 downloads
theshackle - 3/17/2010 - 3 User Comments - 605.5 kb  
Happy St. Patricks day from theshackle! mudd, TRG, Masgrafx, Ten0r, google, myself. Have a good one! this is a .TGA file (my CD drive isn't working :()
Monster fictional - 2010monsterChevy.tga 791 downloads
theshackle - 3/8/2010 - 2 User Comments - 590.0 kb  
My monster car from the contest, google, masgrafx, ten0rs, L2B, mudd. This is a .TGA file, you need to drop it in your imports_exports folder and import it into the game via opponent manager
Tony Stewart Old Spice Alternate .TGA - OldSpiceALT.zip 635 downloads
theshackle - 2/28/2010 - 2 User Comments - 1,262.5 kb  
Here's my first contribution to the 2010 Alternate Carset. Hope you like it, more are soon to come. Lurn2Burn, Muddslide, TRG, Deadpool, Ten0r, Google. Feel free to comment. Note: this includes two .TGA files one for the Wing mod and one for the Spoiler Mod.
Team USA - TeamUSA.cup.car 600 downloads
theshackle - 2/23/2010 - 4 User Comments - 1,474.3 kb  
For the Bullring/SS.net Spoiler mod. The render shows a wing but the actual car is painted for the spoiler. Credit goes to Google, Lurn2Burn, Masgrafx, Muddslide, TRG, Ten0r. Lets go Team USA!!!!
iRacing Monster Energy SK Modified - Monster.tga 562 downloads
theshackle - 2/18/2010 - 0 User Comments - 289.9 kb  
For the iRacing SK Modified series. Credit to iRacing, Masgrafx, Google. Enjoy!
2010 Kyle Busch Pedigree *special* .tga - kylebuschpedigree.tga 787 downloads
theshackle - 2/15/2010 - 1 User Comments - 938.0 kb  
This is a custom #18 Pedigree car I made for myself. Its the same as his Kyle Busch's normal car except I replaced the stock dogs with photos of my own two dogs. I wasn't planning on posting this but it got a decent reception in the forum so why the hell not. So if you want something different or are just sick or that smug bulldog thats usually on his car this one's for you lol. Deadpool, masgrafx, google, Muddslide, TRG, ten0rs. THIS IS A .TGA file.
MY Superbowl Prediction .TGA - SaintsBOWLprediction.tga 533 downloads
theshackle - 2/7/2010 - 6 User Comments - 710.3 kb  
As I did last year I am making a superbowl prediction in the form of a fictional car. My prediction to win Superbowl 44 are the New Orleans Saints. This car is meant for the Spoiler add-on mod which is why the wing looks messed up, and yes this is a modified version of the saints car from my NFl set. This is a .TGA meant to be used with the existing Saints pitcrew. Lets see If I'm right! enjoy!.
iRacing DOT City Chevy Silverado - DaysOfThunderSilvernoNY.tga 616 downloads
theshackle - 2/5/2010 - 0 User Comments - 428.4 kb  
A tribute to of the great if not greatest racing movies ever made. It's not quite an exact replica but it does the trick. Enjoy! credit to Deadpool, Google, and iRacing. For help with using this file PM me anytime. "rubbins racing!"
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